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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Pyracantha berries? Your sketching and painting is better than ever!

LOVE these pages!

wow!!! love love love

Love it, after finishing my writing dip, I am concentrating on drawing... rusty after so may years! You are a great inspiration MAM! If you havent tried it yet look at an app called Drawquest on the iPad. I am loving it! Gets you drawing every day and although there are a lot of little people on there, there are some really talented artists once you explore. It is addictive and great fun!

If you do join look for me: winterchild, and let me know so I can follow you. Tell Carol too :)

Glad to see these lovely rose sketches in the journal pages. You've captured them beautifully. And I'm lovin' that Christmas dishtowel idea!

Christmas is in the eye of the beholder far as i'm concerned and i think it's pretty darn merry hangin Christmas towels out. Hang 'ten' if you feel so inclined :)

These are gorgeous Mary Ann! You can never go wrong with good ole Christmas towels on the oven handle! Are you going to draw the hat full of all the goodies?

You captured the roses and especially the shadows perfectly. Beautiful. And thanks for the dishtowel solution.
I'm enjoying your sketchbook so much.

I agree. Whatever makes you happy at this point is good!! Because you are busy at this point, busy bringing all of us such joy with your eye candy sketches. So Christmas dishtowels, hang joyfully where you are...
Thank you so much for sharing these. True eye candy and inspiration.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! THESE PAGES ARE TO DIE FOR!!! Would make a beautiful magazine or book cover....I would make big prints and FRAME them for my house!!! IF YOU DO I WOULD BUY THEM!! Quirky plowing ahead and all!!! MAM these are truly truly beautiful, not just the colors but the arrangement and the flow of quirky choices YOU make ...makes for great art!!! NO ONE CAN COPY the choices you make!! UNIQUELY YOU! Merry Christmas....January will hopefully have more ART for ME!! PLEASE????SANTA???please...maybe he'll favor me when I mail my late packages to others...?hmmm.

I absolutely LOVE these pages.... simply breathtaking!

I can actually smell the roses when I look at your sketches. Fell over laughing about the christmas dish towels. Great idea!!!!!

Mary Ann, you're getting insanely good at this.

The roses are really good. You're drawing skills are being honed well. Way to go.

The 3 Christmas dish towels on the oven door...priceless. Way more than I've done for any Christmas decorating. I haven't put up a tree for several years...just my husband and me, no family members visit for the holidays. I'm ready to donate all my stuff taking up space in the garage to young folks who have little kids. I'm eagerly waiting for Jan. 4th when Downton Abbey season 4 starts. Can't wait!

I agree with everyone else...these pages are amazingly lovely. You definitely have a 'style' that is just perfect.

You rock MAM! Love the Smell of your roses. This sketchbook will be a blast. Make photo prints and sell them please!!!!!!!!!

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