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Friday, November 01, 2013


You never disappoint! Love your posts, stories, and photos. I am trying to catch up with your blogging, I have missed a lot, and just ent back and saw your dreamy cottage! How wonderful for you....enjoy!

Wow! Great story. And I couldn't help but notice on the movie poster the name Arnold Moss. Any relation to Buck Moss and the rest of the Moss clan?

Holy Wow Mary Ann, you share the best stories and I had to wonder too about the whole Arnold Moss name on the poster????? What's up with that? Hopin' you have a lovely weekend, keep the home fires burnin and can't wait to hear the next story up your sleeve.

Love those beautiful photos....touched with color, wonderful story...thank heavens for Aunts who know the family histories!

What a fantastic story!!

Amazing story! I see a bit of you in the photo of Rosaura.

Great story! I had my own connect-the-dots type experience lately (way too long to go into). This kind of stuff just makes me feel like the world is really big and really small at the same time. Carry on....

geraldine i did not even notice arnold moss!!! it was a little early yet for a moss to appear on the scene, my dad and mom met around 1952 ish in laredo texas at the NCO club. but i am intrigued and naturally must investigate! thanks for pointing that out.

Cudos to your family genealogist! What a great story and those awesome photographs. It is so wonderful to be able link to the past, to see where we come from. My family has a book that traces my father's lineage back to England. Thanks for sharing your story!

Wow, that's some coincidence! Very cool.
I also have an interesting story to tell ~ My maternal grandma was married to Harry Greenberg, who was one of Bugsy Siegel's cohorts in LA in the 30s. Bugsy had Harry wiped out on the front lawn of their house (my g-ma's and Harry's). In the movie Bugsy, Eliot Gould plays Harry. The weirdest part of the story is that my grandma was trying to protect Harry even after he was shot, and she told the media that the thug was her ex-husband, my real grandfather who was alive and well and living in NY at the time. I've got copies of the L.A. Times articles to prove it!

Love it! Just plain love it!

I knew it was going to be a great story... You actually look like your great great grandmother. I truly loved reading this story.

You tell the best tales. I don't often comment, but I never miss an installment. And I love all things JS.

Cool story and great old pics. I expect jumping off the balcony didn't work out real well for the horse. That was back in the days before the ASPCA monitored movie sets. Horses were cheap, so if they went thru a few to get a shot, oh well.

I've done genealogy, too, and love hearing stories like this. How lucky you are to have those beautiful ancestral photos. That whole Steinbeck connection is eerily awesome. Thanks for sharing. Really look forward to your interesting posts.

Great story!!

gg grandma rosaura is a stunning woman... love the pic with the locket. xo

interesting story-your own version of "six degrees of kevin bacon" :) love how it all came full circle

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