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Friday, November 15, 2013


Brilliant! I'm swooning over here!

Ooh, I think I recognise that table! Is it an Ikea computer table, with a pull out keyboard drawer? I have one and it's very sturdy, with a large surface area. Unfortunately mine isn't being used for art-making at the moment :-(

It's lovely. I always adore seeing pictures of your cottage. Pam was def. right and you were wrong but I'm sure you told her that already. What a treat to have a little chair escape in that corner.


I use FEEDLY now and also SMASHING READER because of the simple clean interface. I have the FEEDLY app on my ipad. If you look in
my sidebar you will see an RSS subscription thingy but the options I mentioned above are not there. Hmmmph!
Alternatively you could also sign up for the email subscription -also in sidebar.

Do you know what the original intent of this space was/ Dining room? or?

Tech question - is there another way to subscribe to the blog now that Google doesn't offer a personalized home page with regularly updating elements? I don't see options for rss feeds, what should I do? What SHOULD I do?

Yay for you, your re-done studio, your pretty pretty pages and Pam! I took my very first art journaling class from Pam moons ago @ Art Fest, she gave me the bug! Also... great minds... I re-did my studio & posted on FB a few days ago. Please have a look if ya like. I think you can really "get" a person by peering inyo their favorite rooms. :)


It looks fantastic and I can't wait to hear more about Pams course. Yay for good friends

I love that you guys step over each others boundaries with a little "nah, its easy" wave of the hand (blocked bathroom door, producing video classes). Your rearranged studio is colorful, bright and airy - and you now have a reading nook by the window! I love it. Let's ask Pam to write a decor book too, shall we?

I need to throw all the stuff out of my craft/reading/sewing room (I used to sew)...just start with a clean slate. The only things I want to save are the book shelves....filled to the max, double stacked. Ye Gods, where did I get all this stuff? Thank goodness for friends like Pam who ignore your protests and can see with a new perspective what can be done with a very small space. Yea!

Love the vacation digs...where is it you're headed this time?

I love the look of your new space. Please send Pam to me!

What fantastic news! Can't wait to ssee the class, what a perfect combination.

Beautiful teamwork both on the new (I can't believe it could have been improved, but yes, improved) creative space, and on the new creative partnership. Girl Reporter, Producer to the Stars, Star herself - just awesome!! Very clever thinking going on in those cogs of yours. I will look forward to taking Pam's MAM-produced class too.

Gorgeous space!!

I love your studio! The colors, the light, it looks so cozy and perfect :) I like the christmas lights, the papers... ah!!! On my to do list, a pure coincidence, is "clean up the studio". Maybe should I take pictures to be inspired and to keep it that way :)

Have a wonderful day!
(p.s. I just made my first journal ever, following your running stitch steps from the TTV class, and I am so proud, happy, inspired! I want to make a thousand more ! :) )

Your space looks fresh and new. I really like the flat files. Mine are old army surplus and not pretty but they are wonderful to have and yours are all that and also nice to look at. Just looking at your studio makes me want to get out the paints and get some work done.

Love what you've done switching things up at Moss Cottage. I'd give up the bathroom door too for that sunny reading spot. I'm gonna make a guess that the cat posse is going to move in on it whenever they get the chance. I am thrilled beyond reason that Pam is getting ever so closer to her on line class. Jumping up and down, doing a happy dance, twirling and generally causing a scene. So glad you put on your producer hat and cape for her. I know it's going to be AAAAAaaamazzzzing!

So glad Pam worked her magic and got you to keep that chair, it is fabulous! The whole room looks perfect, makes me want to get busy and reorganize my own space (a much bigger and more daunting chore). Excited that Pam is going to be doing an online course, will look forward to that!!

hurray! man, I sure need a border collie over here. ((much smaller herd of sheep)) love watching you two in action!

I don't remember what it looked like before, but the room is perfect now! Not only is it in the red/orange/green combo that I have done all my houses in, it also has a sun-watching nest, which is also a necessity in my book. Mine is squeezed into the corner of our dining room, because it had the best view of our Texas Hill Country sunrises.

Hooray for friends!

Your studio looks gorgeous. :-)

I am TRULY impressive 648 sf! And it rocks ( I have never used that expression before, MAM but it fits!!)

My windows are sprinkled with SEWN pinwheels too...love, love, loved that class! Still making those happy things!
Tell Pam I can't wait for her class...and she rocked the studio re-do!

LOVE it! it looks like such a cozy, bright, fun room!

Just looking at this makes me happy! Love your space, and I am glad I am not the only one that has a small one! Yaaay for the part about Pam Garrison too!

Love the newly revised studio. That chair is SO cool! Looking forward to hearing more about Pam's e-course. She is an amazingly talented artist, so it should be terrific!

Awesome job, Pam!! Mary Ann, your new studio looks great especially with that orange chair in the corner. Lucky girl!

Let me know if you girls need help! I love editing video for artists & am willing to barter. Wins all around!

Isn't it cool how someone else can come into the same space and see another possibility that you missed or just couldn't quite figure out!? Or were too stubborn (as you say) to envision it. I suppose that is also the reason that two people can take the same set of art materials and come up with completely different ideas! It turned out great, by the way. :)

Oh but wait...I was going to comment on how excited I am to hear Pam is making it happen!!! Can hardly wait!!

Now that's how to arrange a studio space! Go Pam!

How cool is that!!! I will picture you relaxing in that great chair....you need a foot stool though...Have Pam whip one up...SV

I'm inspired! Love the chair and where it sits...A great place to create!! Love the wooden tray and your pretty buckets!! So lucky to have friends that love you enough to be honest and grab your furniture and rearrange!! I have a friend that has an eye that I need many times!! Four eyes are better than two and I'm not counting glasses!!

So glad Pam found a place for that amazing chair, because it MAKES the room. Your studio is awesome. So personal and full of creative stuff. Would love to see the inspiration wall above your desk! And I look forward to Pam's class. I follow her, too!

A very happy work space! Love it!

What a sweet space to work you have created...Love the vintage tray full of little tin buckets full of markers and things..and the light against the honey warmed floor!!

yay for everything : super strong art journaling superhero friends and fresh outlooks on much loved spaces :)

Oh so cool!

Man, I'm so glad I met you and you told me about the Martha flat file. I love mines so much, sometimes I go downstairs just so I can pull open a drawer and admire what's inside.

ohmygod I love this!! It looks great! c'mon over to my place next!

your room looks great and would inspire my creativity. love your paper piecings in the window and the lights around the ceiling. can i come play, lol? oh, and while i am there can i go through that bucket of papers you have collected? looks like a fun place to me. tfs

Looks like a wonderful place to create!

wonderful arrangement, and I love those decorative touches. maybe you could please send Pam this way!


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