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Saturday, November 09, 2013


Oh my. Bacon maple donuts. Yes, please. ~Angela~

I am realllly trying NOT to look at the donuts. Really.
I must however make a comment on the INCREDIBLE photos of old L.A. you are using in your header! I am mesmerized by them. I keep expecting to see my family members strolling down the streets or buzzing in their cars. Thank you SO MUCH for the enjoyment they are bringing me! (along with everything else you do!).

Glad you like all those English tv things.
Does this mean you've been watching Acorn Antiques? Thumbs up, MA!
Also Doc Martin - Cornwall - yay!!

shut UP! I just got the dreaded "you need an immediate and serious lifestyle change" from Martha, my beloved doc.
Sadly, I don't think she meant "eat more donuts".

will have to try this recipe... and love Doc Martin too. I saw this article on a guy that explores and photographs abandoned buildings and thought of you as you explore lively places with people. Photos on his flickr are amazing...nice way to spend your morning eating donuts and checking out photos.


Donuts look delicious. British TV that I didn't see in the above list: Father Brown (British mystery), Scott and Bailey, or Bailey and Scott, British TV mystery about 2 women detectives; And Midsomer Murders which someone has probably told you about. They there is a series called Ballykiss Angel (I think I spelled it right). It was only on for 5 or 6 seasons and really needs to be watched from the biginning to get the story line. I accidentally discovered most of these at my local library and am very grateful I did.

If you like to listen, as well as read, mysteries, I suggest the books by Canadian author Louise Penny. While you don't need to start at the beginning, it helps. I just listed to the most recent one and loved every one that I listened to. Another happy accident at the Flagstaff Public Library. Since I discovered it in audio books, I haven't read her books. Her writing is fantastic. You can also find her on Facebook and by doing a Google search.

Marrianna in Flagstaff, AZ

Mary Ann, get your bum over here and go see where the Doc lives. The village, and the rest of Cornwall, is such a great place to visit. The last time I was eating a cream tea (look it up, you'd love one!) in Port Isaac(Port Wenn), there was a trio of Doc Martin fans discussing whose houses they'd had their photos taken outside, whilst wearing Doc Martin sweatshirts!

OMG, you make culinary sin so SINSATIONAL, Mary Ann!!!

Wouldn't that be kind of like pancakes, maple syrup and bacon?......GOT TO HAVE A DOUGHNUT PAN!!! A package I promised to send you was found in the back of my suburban with many antiques going to the shop!!! SOOO darn forgetful these days....will get it mailed....I miss art classes and doing a lot of art....just been arted out and too busy with trying to sell our house since we moved....your journal for Amsterdam was so great....how I loved the watercolors of your take on the artists from long ago....what a beautiful country!! MISS, MISS the journaling and painting these days, but SWEETS could take a quick second place til I can sit at the art table again!!

You are going to love Prime Suspect..one of my very favorites!! And you will fall in love with the scenery, not to mention the quirky characters in Doc Martin..hope there will be a season seven. Maple and bacon...what's not to love:)

I bought the same pan off amazon and I love it!!!

Now that Paula Deen is gone I see you're movin' in for the kill!

Hi MA! oh my, the lovely donuts....you need to add the following to your British TV obsession, which I also have. Call The Midwife, Foyle's War, Bomb Girls, Land Girls, Single Handed, The Last Enemy, Zen and Birdsong....ALL very good...and I know I'll think of some more. Embroidery goes very nicely with a cup of tea and an hour of well written British TV!!!

bacon is the new black

I have to agree with Barbara...I've never heard of leftover bacon before this. Better watch out for that Amazon 1-click...mighty dangerous! The doughnuts look divine!

Thanks, just what I need, a doughnut obsession. I would so borrow them right under your cat possie's eyes., doc Martin is the best show, watched all of them on Net Flick last winter.

Pam and I have talked. We want these for Breakfast one day at PSAR#2. Put the pan in your trunk right now or you will forget. And if you do forget you will have to drive home and get the pan or else drive all over PS till you find a pan. We mean business!

erghhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh yYYYYYYuMMMMMMMMY....can't stand it that you are not MY neighbor, I'd probably just wander in and follow my nose...have you trained the cat posse in doughnut protection. I'm sure you must have done so or there would have been no doughnuts left whatsoever to pose for pictures...OMG they look amazing!!!!!!!!! I've gained 10 pounds just lookin' ;)

I can't eat a bit of it right now, even if I did drive over to Moss Cottage. But I love looking and hearing all about said donuadventures for sure.

Those donuts look awesome. Makes me want to get a donut pan... I love "Doc Martin"! The final season (six, I believe) should be out on DVD here in December. Also wonderful from Acorn, as someone mentioned the other day, is "Rosemary and Thyme". Loves me some British TV!

Leftover bacon? Never heard of it. I have heard of Helen Mirren though, and I can safely say she's a splendid favorite of mine! I'd write more, but I'm in a hurry to order a certain pan.

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