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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Wow, your trip looks fabulous! Thank you for sharing you photos. I feel like I'm on vacation, too. What will I do in my own cottage? Have a terrific time relaxing and creating!!

I'm runnin fast as my little legs will carry me, oh do have a swell and amazing time, capture a bottle of sand and sea, read, walks, eat, and journal. It all sounds truly lovely, like easing back into life at home, even when home is a cute little cottage tucked away, a home away from home.

When I see this adorable cottage I instantly think of Pacific Grove.

MaryAnn - it's interesting how many people you touch with your combined simple and yet adventurous life - one crafted by you , for you ( and us). It is admirable and enviable. And ultimately do-able. All it takes is focus, tenacity, an adventurous spirt and a perhaps a few stalwart companions - be they cats or sisters. I admire you. Do not take that lightly - I admire few and tell even fewer that I do.

I thought Winter of our Discontent was written by Shakespeare. So much for public education. But, there is a line in some play or another about "it is the winter of our discontent," so Steinbeck ripped it off, right? Help me Ms. Wizard, I'm falling through the portal of information overload! Anyhoo, beautiful photos of the golden state. Did you stop to climb any trees? Curious bunnies wanna know.

When I saw that winding road amidst the live Oaks I thought it might be Tehachapi...I love that road trip from Mojave over the Tehachapi pass heading for Bakersfield, but then when I saw the fog and the coastal road, I knew you were headed west to the coast. When the Steinbeck book showed up, I thought she must must be up near Salinas, Monterey, (do read his East of Eden!) One of the top ten best books on my list.) Then I read the heading of your post: Oh Hi...now I know you're in the Ojai area...Oxnard, Ventura, Simi Valley...another fantastic area.

Love the little wee blue cottage with the succulents in the planting bed. What is the size? About 300 SF? Looks like a doll house. I'd love to know what you use as a source for these enchanting lodgings. You have a knack for finding them.

I lived in So. Calif. for most of my life...moved to San Jose for college, then to Palo Alto after marriage. Now I'm in the Intermountain West, the high Mojave desert of NV...I miss the coast terribly. Sometimes dream of salt air, that wonderful tang in the air that can't be duplicated.

What's the book under the Steinbeck? I can't make out the title.

I didn't know women lived like this! I was certainly born too soon. Your blog has been a real eye opener and full of treats, artistic and otherwise. Thanks, Mary Ann.

Thanks, Mary Ann. Your beautiful photos have brightened my rather drab day.

Where do you find these places? Is there some magical zillow site I'm unaware of?

Also, how did you find your lodgings in the Netherlands? I'd love the name of the place where you stayed.

Miss Moss: I always thought that Steinbeck's Winter of our Discontent was actually called Winner of our Discount Tent. Confirms my inattention to printed matter. Love the blue cottage by the sea. Toni from Denver

You really have been specializing in Adorable recently: windmills, ruff wearing journal people, and now this straight out of fairy tale blue cottage.... Keep it up, we'll follow you anywhere.
xoxoxo sharron

I agree with Sharon where do you find these quaint little cottages? I'd like to plan a short get away myself. Even thought I went to Paris this past summer it isn't quite enough is it?

You always seem to find the little cottages that are perfect. This one too. How do you do it? Where do you start? Is it word of mouth? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Have a great time reading and napping.

That looks like Monterey. I live right up the road in Santa Cruz! Enjoy your stay on the bay! Can't wait to read about your adventures.

If you liked the views there, you'd love the scenery along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, NC. I believe you mentioned that your sister was there about the time my husband and I were. The distant mountains really do look blue and have a very calming influence on a mind in need of serenity. Lots of cabins up that way, too. We stayed at one in the middle of an apple orchard one time. Horses grazing and a light mist settled over the trees that we could see from our porch. Ahhhh-mazing. ;)

Put Western N. Carolina on your list of places you and sister might go off on an adventure. Lots of artsy-fartsy stuff going on in that area, as well. Get thee to the Folk Art Center along the parkway near the entrance right outside of Asheville. Your eyes will be dancing and your mind brimming with ideas after a stroll through that place. I promise! :)

P.S. Enjoy your stay in your little Blue Heaven.

Blue Heaven........
Missy from the bayou

sigh and swoon

That cottage is the most perfect blue - for a most perfect trip, next to that wild and rugged coast. Smelling the salt spray in my nose....have a wonderful and cozy time in your aerie!

Thank you Huckleberry for the raft invitation. You never fail to encourage and inspire, and you do neither without an audience intent. This is what makes it all the more of an invitation.

knock knock on your blue door

I am on my way! I am so homesick for California. Can I replace the Advil with Crown Royal and cupcakes?

I seriously have the run-aways right now. Where are you, can I come? Oh heck I'll just go with the catnap.

Hang on a minute! Is that cottage for REAL?! I have cottage envy! It is absolutely enchanting and would fit nicely alongside one of the many in Edam. If anyone deserves to be there it's you, MAM, because you so appreciate such loving detail. Grab a catnap for me.

ooooo I want me some of that.
haven't been away in a year :(
what with mom being somewhat
needy at 99 :) sigh

Don't worry about meeting me at the/an airport. I'll rent a car. Just text me the gps info.

Oh if only...!!!

I love your pictures of the CA. landscape, have never seen and want to! Maybe a future trip. So happy you got there safe and sound. Take care of precious you!

Jealous! Love the view and the cabin. :)

I'm all about cat naps ^.^

Ooh, lovely! Have a marvelous time!

I wanna go!

Wherever it is, it's perfect. So happy that you take us along on your travels; it's the next best thing to being there.

I'll be there! Gotta fill another journal. And I love blue. And I can.not.resist.paths.to.the.beach.

I'll bebthere in a jif! I LOVE that you get to travel so much! Your life looks very awesome from Oregon!!


Love the cabin, and always love a drive through those hills, over the hills and then foggy coast. Makes me think Asilomar, Moss Landing, Pacific Grove. Steinbeck/Salinas/Monterey. Have fun!

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