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Monday, September 23, 2013


Ah, bellissimo!

I return to this video over and over. It's hauntingly beautiful. It tells a story I want to find in my own life. Thanks for that!

Beautiful! I bought your remains of the day class a long time ago and after a move and other things, I finally have the courage to try it-starting today! I so can't wait to try some of your other classes after watching the videos. I was wondering, what kind of photo printer do you use?

Would you ever consider traveling with a stranger. Someone you don't know? because I have been told I am an impeccable travel companion and I could give you references. . . just sayin.
I will be checking in on your sale for Remains of the Day, I have been harboring a secret crush on it for some time now.

Brings me back too. Love your view from the side, observing more than participating. Love to see what it looks like when people walk over the bridges........all days long, up and down......
Looking so much to see what you come up with
From Amsterdam. Will look closely as I'm on my way there too. Never been and look forward to it.

so sweet. Love your travel vids Mary Ann, the only place where I can have just gotten home from a long evening of places I had to be for the 17yo, kick off my shoes and jump aboard a small boat for a respite few minutes off in Venice and just for a moment I was right there, just me looking out at all of it and feeling every bit of the day's crazy ebb and flow that are normal on Mondays around here, to join with the waves in the canal and that was worth waiting for all day. I'm gonna just kick back and watch it again, this time with a glass of vino and maybe some cheese and crackers and call it a lovely way to end the day. Oh yes, sounds good to me.

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