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Sunday, September 08, 2013


The universe is in us! Such a wonderful reminder of an amazing truth. Thank you and enjoy your time at the beach. xxx

I was just thinking (last very night) 'I wonder what happened with MAM's crocheting?' You had gotten pretty nimble with it! Yay Joyce, and serendipity, and that stunning coastline you have there in California. Have a beautiful time :-)

I love Neil deGrasse Tyson! Although, he took away Pluto...Can't have everything I guess. Have fun at the beach!

Neil de Grasse Tyson - WOW.

The beach looks very inviting! Mary Ann, I met a lovely artist lady today at the artisan market in Manchester (England). She reminded me of you, she had her lovely sketchbooks there for people to look through. I drooled! Have a look! http://www.christineevans.org.uk/cycling-diary.html

... the music kinda ruined it for me.

You will enjoy watching Tyson -- he has marvelous ideas (well aside from the Pluto thing) and speaks science to the populous no one since Carl Sagan has been able to do. He is a modern hero.

Nei Degrasse Tyson is a brilliant physicist who can make science so simple and understandable. I didn't like the music in the video either but that is OK. TFS. I have watched him speak on the PBS Newshour, the Daily Show and on the Colbert Report. Definitely track his stuff down.
Aloha, Kate

please feed the marmots across from FogCatcher Inn for me :)

Love him, isn't he fantabulous?!

Happy sand castle building!

I am a long time blog follower of yours. I love visiting to get a dose of artistic art candy and to enjoy your travels from my place in Alaska. I thought I would share this link with you. I thought it might interest you and inspire you with your art journals. Check this beautiful art, changes with each color: http://www.carnovsky.com/RGB.htm

I. just loved the entire concept of connectivity being presented. This probably sounds silly, but it made me think of Tom Hanks. He is fascinated with space and space travel - an interest that seems to have diminished with time. I'm sure he loved Neil.

I asked him to marry me, but apparently, someone beat the other 1.7 million of us to him.


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