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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


How fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

Oh wow! Great link! Thanks for sharing!

OMG-I love this link! Thanks so much for sharing.

wow, that is so darn cool and such a great idea. Crafting and artwork that has withstood the passing of time and the richness that flows from those who are older than us is inspiring. Wonderful, thanks for letting us know about this. I need to bookmark the site right now, that bollywood rug looks like it would be fun to create and a great way to use stuff that no longer fits.

MaryAnn..so pleased you shared this. And is that the delightful Beryl ( here's the link for your delight).www.beryltaylor.com I spotted in the vid?

And how quintessentially British and/or Irish to have a gorgeous sponge cake with tea! Makes me quite homesick may I say.

So glad you shared..thank you!

Every time one of my comments doesn't appear, I kick myself around the block for being inappropriate. I usually think you've (rightfully so) edited me, thereby saving me from me. lols

ah..those ladies would be lovely neighbors! Not only do they have an art lesson to share, but they probably can offer some dang good advice about life. Thanks, MaryAnn.

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