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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Mary Ann -
My husband and I have been to Amsterdam several times and I hope you will love it as much as we do. Here are a few recommendations & suggestions. Allow plenty of time to browse in the Van Gogh Museum store. Eat, at least once, at La Place, a great cafeteria on the top floor of the library - many. many choices and all good. Spend time in the Nine Streets area browsing in the shops; I love Beadies bead store. Go to Vlieger, Amstel 34 near Rembrandtplein, an interesting art supply store. Art supply stores in foreign countries are so much fun! We visited many museums, Van Gogh & Rijkesmuseum are a must, but we also enjoyed Rembrandt's house. Try lunch at Bagels & Beans, a chain with several locations around town. Go to the flower market - beautiful! Spend time walking along the canals and the multitude of bridges. We've always been there in the summer when it stays light so late, but you will get to see the bridges all lit up after dark! Try the cheeses. And always, look out for bikes before you make a turn or cross a street! Have a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to hearing about it on you blog. Brenda

i prefer the lazy way out - I buy the Schminke pans pre-formed.....but in the past, when filling watercolor pans (and this should work for gouache), you only need to dip your finger into water to push down the skin that forms. Easy!

OOPS - forgot the link:

Goldens makes High Load Acrylics that dry to a velvety finish. They are luscious, but hard to find except online. I am in love with the turquoise and the gold and have gulped, closed my eyes at the prices, and bought them over the years. I've even painted furniture with them and it looks like milk paint. So many paints, so little time!!

Having hibiscus love here.....

You lost me at "difficult." <--Ah yes, Sheila is my kind of woman. I'm glad some people do this kind of experiment but since I really don't even know what gouache really is, I'll just remain one of the 'great unwashed' for now. I did learn how to sew paper this year so I'll consider that my art advancement is complete for 2013.

It does look like you may have had fun but that word does not usually match up with tedious. Ok, not fun but colorful?

Art supply store is Amsterdam? Oh I do believe there were/are a few artists there! And Delft! do take the train to Delft and say hello to Vermeer. While the Centrum Exhibit was too pricey for me at 8 euros because it was hot and I was tired from walk walk walkin, it was a great relief to sit down in the Cafe, have a coffee and think he might be painting a commission Just For Me. I dream...

And don't forget... sometimes part of the fun in traveling is finding new art stores and buying things there! I look forward to your travels again!

Have a great trip! Am watching your gouache. You lost me at "difficult." :) One of my Art friends (Jan) is the brave experimenter (perhaps that is a word). She does everything, including natural dyes, all kinds of paintings, gelli plates, realistic drawings, etc. She tries so hard to get us interested, ensuring that we can do it. I look at her and say... "carbuertors, sporting goods stores, furnace filters, eating glass", etc. Crickets chirping. Anyway the art media I love make me very happy! Good Travels! :)


Omg, that hibiscus is breathtaking!

Have another great trip! I am looking forward to sharing it with you.

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