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Sunday, August 11, 2013


WHAT? Do you love that song "Oh Comely" as much as I do? Made even more beautiful by your art!

u are so lucky to have all those copic pens, i only dream of owning that many! i have 2 and adore them! tx for sharing and inspiring, aloha, angi in hana

The paper you use has a major affect on how the colors dry. The best paper I've found for greatest spectrum of color is Pacon marker paper sold at Target. Nothing works as well. You will really see the difference with the purples.


i just gesso the page on the other side of the markers. super simple. no big thing. as to the storage issue and prevailing wisdom.... that is a great big WHATEVER.

You are a pen rebel! However, I've read the same thing that in the case of the Copics, the general wisdom of storing pens horizontally does not apply. So mine sit upright. I have also bought some Spectrum Noirs (the Copic cheaper cousin), and I'm treating them the same way. Whatevva - they're just tools, not a religion! Though at the general pricing, it definitely seems like a religious indulgence that is being purchased...apparently I have sinned.
There doesn't seem to be a lot of diff between the two peach tones on your test page, that must have been a smidge of a disappointment. I have a lot of skin tones and a lot of teal, because, well, I like teal. Skin tones were due to hopeful thoughts on mastering blending. I think I need to branch out into the reds. So intimidating! So...your thoughts on paper bleed and a lack of ideal blendability on anything else besides that dreary designated marker paper are eagerly awaited.

Hi, I also want to know if you get bleed through in your journals. I've just bought an X-PressIt journal made of X-Press It blending card specifically made for
alcohol markers. Love your blog - so inspiring!!!

I tried one copic marker ages ago and hated the smell of them so much I couldn't stand it. Now I have a different cheaper brand that are practically the same, but less offensive to my nose (spectrum noir). I never use them straight in my journal though, cause they bleed through the paper, which makes me wonder: what paper do you use in your journal that keeps this from being a problem? Also: love your pages, but that goes without saying. :-)

I bought copics a year ago and didn't like them....the colors I picked were darker than the swatch once on the paper...BUT and SOOOO ,...Mary Ann's are sooo pretty!! Sooo I got mine back out and picked the ones I thought were lite enough then ordered a few more....very light on the swatch because I think they are more intense on paper....ANYHOO.....I have them out and am going to play with them! Mary Ann, THANKS FOR SHOWING US your colors...so I could compare what I have....and your color swatches really help to show the intensity and to see that you can buy too dark of ones and not be happy,.....but broke after getting them!!! They are the hardest things to order!! But I am going to do some creating today with them!! Thanks for sharing!!! Have a FUN AND RELAXING vacation sketching....

no doubt in my mind you'll be a sketching maniac and have a blast doing it. I'm thrilled that you are gonna be heading into the great wild yonder on another adventure. I adore copics and have 3 of them. Your mother-lode makes me wish I could get the whole dang set all at once.....yummmy and inspiring! :)

That's a nice set you have now Mary Ann. Enjoy them and you go girl, treat us with your drawing goodness. I am ready for your next trip. Hope we get to see little bits of it...

at least you didn't buy any that were actually the same, i've done that more than once. i ordered online a chart that someone had colored in using actual copics- link to it is: http://www.merriartist.com/COPIC_Hand_Painted_Color_Chart_358_Color_p/copichpchart.htm, it was quite helpful, but at $20, a little pricey...but you'll see the actual colors

hi susan, according to COPIC (i know someone who personally emailed them to inquire) they can be stored horizontal OR vertical. even if that were not true they would stay in a vertical position in my house. i love to throw caution to the wind. i store all my pens that way and never have any probs.

What Susan said - I've actually heard that as well ... apparently it applies to any pen - consequently I now have mine stored in boxes ... just sayin'. Your trip sound delicious and exciting ... xodonna

Do you usually use the Copics on watercolor paper? What about the bleed through on the reverse?

Mary Ann,

I love Copic markers. They are gorgeous. LOVE THEM!!! and I love how you have them all color-coordinated even with the cups that they are standing in like little rainbows. HOWEVER, I learned the hard way that they dry out quite quickly when they are stored in this manner. Apparently they are supposed to be stored lying flat (according to the pros who say all pens should be stored in such manner). Who knew??? Anyway, I have found that my last waaaayyyy longer when they are stored so...
Just wanted to pass it on...

Oh love love love those colors. you should make a coloring book to sell with all your fantastic lettering.

Where ya goin'? Will you be taking us with you??

So,Australia, then.

I keep thinking about buying copic markers....and haven't yet....but this all looks so yummy! Perhaps start with a small set? I wouldn't even know where to begin choosing them individually for myself! Eeek!

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