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Sunday, August 04, 2013


LOVE the racoon, great for tshirt! Plse keep patterning, cannot stand the class is almost over....

Raccoons are one thing but the other day Cathie found a possum at the bottom of one of our trash barrels and it could of course not get up the sides so it was trapped and Scout stood on back tippytoes to tell us about it, and so it packed, barrel and all, in the car and released in the nature reserve. Sent packing.

I am not going to comment on every post. I'm drawing straight lines right now.

Oh my gosh, I have NO words! Absolutely positively gorgeous! So inspiring, and I love every single page! I love that you went big! I bought a bigger journal the other day from you inspiring me! Go big or go home, right!? I'm Irish, I'll think of a Limerick! (And maybe an idea too)!

Rock ON!

OMG I am loving your racoon.

My momma had a raccoon as a pet when she was a kid, I was told, so I would probably be too easy on the little fellow. I LOOOOOVE the artwork of him and think you definitely need to add him to a tshirt, or a tote bag to sell!! He is hilarious!
Welcome back chica! You have been missed here.

Fabulous pages. You are making me want copics - naughty girl! Good thing Cat Nanny was on the job! xoDonna

Really Really love your work, you are so talented. Felicidades Muchacha

jane! so glad you alerted me to this i hadnt checked my spam comments in awhile and found bunches of comments there. just published all of them!!!

I bet you just identified your peach thief...he probably brought all his kin and they have a picnic on your tree. I once had a opossum living in a kitchen cupboard, which I only found out when I opened it looking for my turkey pan and a huge vicious red-eyed white snarling face hissed at me! I ran screaming out of the house. It was an ugly SOB. Love all your pages. I am working on my vellum but got distracted by a bottle of vino. TTFN.

Swear I'm losing my mind - I thought i'd dropped you a line on Mr Raccoon this morning, but it was from my iPad, so who knows where it went. Anyway, oh I want a raccoon shirt - the look on his face is hilarious! You have captured the elusive Spirit of the Wild Raccoon. The other pages are also awesome, of course :-)

You are so lucky your cat sitter had such presence of mind. Check out the haul this raccoon made off with - on camera!

All wonderful! I especially love #2 for the gorgeous colors and artistry

How fun! I'm going on an artsy trip soon and think I'm going to do the same -- pack my journal and some pens (for the plane) and leave everything else at home. Did you find you used different colors/supplies when pulling from your sister's stash?

T-shirts and/or canvas bags! I like the idea of filling my bag with fruits and veggies with the little thief on the cover :)

hahaha the wilds of LA....who knew?
i like the idea of just taking a travel journal and using your sister's supplies....maybe I will have to visit Carol.

hi glenda, its 140 lb. hotpress. yes they bleed through. i gesso the back.

A raccoon broke into our home in the middle of the night. We woke to him rummaging thru my husbands briefcase where he found and was unwrapping a Power Bar. Apparently he likes banana flavor.

Those raccoons are dangerous. Went camping with some girlfriends once and one tried to get into our tent.Scared the be-jeezum out of us-you could see (and feel) the outline of his face pushing through the side of the tent material. Eeks. Love your pages, enjoyed the crab flower too.

Sign me up for the raccoon shirt, I am literally having fits over here! He is perfect!!! Oh yeah, the other work is pretty spectacular also. ;-) between the raccoon and the Carol's Avian Friends, I sense a trend. By the way, have you seen "Mincing Mockingbird's Guide to Troubled Birds (profusely illustrated)"? I think you will be most amused.

I would buy that raccoon t-shirt. In fact, several. To give as gifts.

Love the story of the raccoon and the picture. My fave is the page from July 28th. What weight paper did you use in your book? I have been using 140 lb water color cold press but it is hard to fold. Did the copic bleed through your paper? Have a great day

These pages are really cool. My favorite is the red-flower-on-black page. :)

Wow, what a bliss to rest my eyes on this when having my morning coffee in bed !!!
Love the sturdiness in these paintings.

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