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Saturday, August 10, 2013


only one word: WOW!

Guess what I am going to start the minute my guests leave tomorrow? Yep. An IJ. And that does not stand for internal jugular.

This makes me so happy! Even the pictures are inspiring! You have made me remember my own inspiration book! Mine was just taping and gluing, but still so fun. Maybe working on it will cure the "going-back-to-a-new-school-year-blues?"
Thanks for your blog. It always brightens my day and gets the creative juices flowing!

Now you are mixing two of my favorite things...your journals and vintage trailers! What do you have up your sleeve next, Mary Ann? If you decide to take your show on the road, please come to my town first. I know where all the good paper stores are and you can park your rig in my backyard.

I guess that looking at your inspiration journal is not the same as making one of my own, Huh? And now Carol is going to do it too. You Moss girls get me into so much just by showing me your pictures. I AM doing some serious painting and remodeling the kitchen and all, but I think an inspiration book is in order. Do you have to act on all your inspirations? Do the inspiration police come by and see if you are carrying through? Please say" No".

I love seeing all these page spreads in a mosaic form. And they are certainly providing inspiration to me!

A visual Feast!! But I have to ask, where do you get all the lovely photos of stacks of sheets, table settings, etc. lots of magazine subscriptions or the swap table at the local library????? Or, photos of Chez Moss? I need to know!

hi marianne

pics are either mine, off the internet as seen while browsing, a few from magazines (no subscriptions). i try and indicate the source of each image (if you look closely youll see) , but do occasionally miss a few. my most recent pages are nearly all from 2 old uppercase mags i tossed. went through and ripped out pages before tossing. i bought 4 back issues a couple of years back. anthropologie catalogue is also great.

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