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Thursday, August 08, 2013


Great video; I've got to go see that house!

Sigh. Don't know which I loved better, your words or your pics.

very cool, love that bridge...i can picture my sometimes-witchy-self crossing it...
love catching up over here and seeing all this paper play too.
happy summertime, xo

Oh cool-going to check out the video right now

Oh no--the link doesn't work--it doesn't go anywhere!! Can you post the link again????

I.Love.This! :D

The bridge! And the mailbox! Oh my!

Thanks so much Mary Ann, what a treat! Love your words and pictures!

I love this post! When my brother was barely a teenager and we lived in WLA and his best friend in Coldwater Canyon, they would meet up at The Witch's House, as a place inbetween. Adore the Hobbit House too! (I wanted to rent an apartment in CC that looked like Hobbit houses, so darling.).

Isn't there either a Hobbit-y apartment complex or house in Silverlake too??? Like maybe on Silverlake Blvd or Hyperion maybe? It's been too many years for my middle aged brain ...

Happy weekend!

Loved the video! I want to help solve the mystery too. I am a v.v.v.v.v.v good detective and have superior powers of observation. Besides you know it's way more fun to scare yourself silly with a partner.

l-o-v-e the daffodils on the mailbox.

Love your blog, word, pictures and the video. Thanks Mary Ann for making my day.

Thanks so much for sharing your images and the video! What fun!

Looks just like something out of my childhood storybooks. Love it. After seeing the tour of the interior, I have to say that I like the exterior and grounds best. The mailbox is too precious and that little footbridge! OH MY!

I'm so glad this man saved this unique property and that he lives there! What a treasure tucked away in the Hill of Beverly.


oh how fun!!! Now that would be the perfect place to go sketch! Unfortunately I'm in Philly! So you'll have to go do it. :D

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