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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


with jealousy.

What a wonderful city to visit. Sister in law implies a brother? I thought you all were a flock of sisters.

Being careful of those bikes? Seriously. My little (then) Thai daughter was hit by a bicycle. Sadly for her, we her parents and brothers, laughed because it was such a preposterous happening. She was fine but with 5yr old pride hurt the most.

btw, the beaches have on-the-beach changing which in later years from the bicycle incident had my teenage son both horrified AND not able to keep his eyes still. Not quite a nude beach but quite an eyeful...

It's all about working on the house and garden this year (and probably next) for us, so I will live vicariously through your lovely travels abroad. It sounds like you're going to have a ball! And can I say? I'm sick-in-love with your signatures...

I'm just quietly sitting here in Colorado trying to NOT die of envy. Oh, and that PBN book cover idea? Genius.

Swoon! One day you're going to have to have an exhibition, or at least an international get together, so we can see these gorgeous sketch books for real! Can't wait to see your Amsterdam sketches!

Lucky you, Mary Ann! Amsterdam! One of my favorite places, too! I loved the people, flowers, canals, food and drinks and the museums! Be sure and get the audio tapes at the museums, as they tell so much and one of them was very humorous. Watch out for the bikes when walking...especially if you hear bells going ring, ring, ding, ding. They are everywhere! And we always bring back those delicious cheeses they have. There are cheese shops, one we found in a mall and great cheeses to be bought in the grocery stores. I'm salivating thinking of it! So much to see and do in the city and around the gorgeous countryside. Ooooh, I want to go back again and again, although I'll happily settle for enjoying the ride from this side, this time, many thanks to you.

OH! Gorgeous Amsterdam - my favourite city, after London.

You will love it.

Nice new blog banner. Hard to tell if this a current photo from a time during movie shoot or a exceptionally current colored actual period image. Being LA, even harder to tell.
Whatever it is, it suits you.

Ooooh, de Jordaan.... An old neighborghood, I am not sure whether this used to be the Jewish Quarters in Amsterdam, the old "getto", I know that the Anne Frank house is on the Prinsengracht. Her little statue is around the corner near the church. My god Mary Ann, you will have such a splendid time. My heart flutters when I think about Amsterdam. So you will venture in a landscape book hugh? Looking forward to your trip... ;o)))

Cool journal. I like your attitude of using what you like and not making it too Amsterdammy. When do you leave?

Art Unlimited / Friends of Art, Keizersgracht 510...

If you need anymore tips, just shoot me an e-mail! :-)

So excited that you will be in Amsterdam soon! Can't wait to read about your adventures and 'see' is through your eyes :-). The Jordaan is the best and your apartment looks divine!
BTW You can find vintage postcards at the Noordermarkt. It's mentioned in the unconventional guide... Although I always try and go on Monday mornings... Not on the Saturdays he's suggesting. There is one other place I know of, but I have to look up the name + address... But I'm confident you will find some!

I forgot to mention in my other comment that we ate at a pancake place and had pancakes for lunch one day that were as big as a banjo! No kidding. Well, maybe they were the size of a large plate. Lots of flavors and toppings, lemon, banana and lots and lots of powdered sugar. Pretty as a picture and looked too good to eat. But we did anyhow. Yum...

The flower markets...everywhere....were gorgeous. It was Christmas time so the flowers when you're there might be different, but they will be fabulous. Imagine the sketches you'll do at a flower market. We are all in for a treat as stow-aways in your luggage. ;)

I am so glad you are going on this trip because it reminded me of when I was there and I have not thought of it in a long time. What nice memories I have and that you are going to make when you are there.

Look forward to seeing your filled journal upon your return + with the painting covers (journal covers is what popped into my head when i first spied them on online).

It is so nice to come by here everyday, anyday, but especially during your sabbatical.


Your trip sounds and looks like it will be unforgettable! Your travel journal is already jaw droppingly gorgeous! I can't wait for you to depart, which means, of course, WE get to follow along! WE are so lucky that you are an adventurer!!!!!!

I have absolutely NO doubt that you will find something wonderful vintage something to add to the journal. Anyone who can find such a perfect place to stay can surely find something perfect to put in her journal. About that napping place. My attention would be captured by the chandelier and the medallion on the ceiling and I would have to grab my sketchbook to get some of the pattern and I am not even going to think about what is out your door!.

Copic YG05...the color of envy! I need to sit at that table, in those windows, under that chandelier! "Calgon, take me away". What an enchanting trip you have orchestrated. You DO have style! Enjoy it to the fullest. I will anxiously await more details.

Gorgeous! Please tell me you'll be offering a MAM sketch class in the near future?

Me wanna go there.

OMG! Even your very own chandelier and amazing gazing window and view. Love the covers, sewn addition and yummy colors. The excitement has begun.

Welcome to the Netherlands. Hope you're enjoy your trip in my little country.
I love to see the travel journal with al the great things that our country you will give. Have a great time.

Of course this is coming along wonderfully. I'm loving all the pictorial sewn edge pages you are going with. Awesome. This is going to look amazing once it's full to brimming with all your finds and of course no lack of sketches. And considering that you've recently expanded your pen and marker collection, the pages are going to be brimming with a varietal garden of colors. Just in time for fall. I can't wait to snuggle into this journey with ya.

Ooooohhhhh, love this journal already!

Don't miss the paper and book market along one of the canals not far from where you are staying. I didn't get there because I was sick...

Are you practicing your bicycle riding skills along with sketching?

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