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Friday, August 16, 2013


oolala nd chachacha - I love saying that!

I had a mysterious knocker once when I was home alone; back when the city was up in arms over a serial killer! Good test of the ol' ticker, for sure. Glad Mr. Wyatt is recovering; he needs to be on his game with those kind of shenanigans going on! (Cats are the first to know when someone is lurking outside your door. Not that they particularly do anything about it.)

holy hell woman, you've outdone yourself!!!! be sure i have a bib on when looking at these pages in person, i'll likely drool when touching them. so happy wyatt is doing better now. crazy knocker is lucky they didn't try anything, they would have greatly regretted it. xo

Poor baby Wyatt! Hope kitty is feeling better soon. Oh how scary for you...get a baseball bat and swing for the stars! I have serious Copic envy going on here, those yummy colors and patterns make me swoon! Thanks MAM for the inspiration! Happy weekend.

I am so sorry Wyatt got poisoned...thank God he is going to be OK. Hope he is up and about real soon. Tell him no more tainted rats!! My copics are stored horizontally simply because I don't have room for one more bucket of markers on my craft table!! My preference is for vertical storage b/c it's easier to see what color you're grabbing. I absolutely love your pages...juicy colors and glorious patterns!! Keep 'em coming!!

Healing thoughts for sweet Wyatt. As for you be careful. If it happens again make the call so you have a record of it. Like the Idea of a gun sound.

Nothing like a visit to the vet with an emergency to frazzle the nerves. Just had to board our cat while we were away. taken him 3 days to recover. and my nerves are shot.

YES, drink all the ice cold 'fizzy lifting drinks' that you want, after that kind of day; I'd be gulping them and not being neat about it. Poor sweet Wyatt; and poor sweet You too. Glad to see you've been doing sketching therapy. It's pretty darn spectacular, maybe it's the carbonation rising. The pages are AWESOME!!!!!! I'm sending a truck load of kitty love and hugs so Wyatt will be up and running in no time. xxooxx

Oh no!!! Hope Wyatt makes a full recovery, and soon...poor bubie. Give him a BIG KISS from me and BeeGee.
Hope your weekend is less stressful. xo

So so sorry to hear of the rat poisoning incident and hope that Wyatt will be better soon. Little Boo Bear had a similar experience years ago, took awhile to heal, but made it through okay. Best to you and Wyatt. Keep calm and download the gun noise-ha! BTW, your pages are outstanding!

I like the Copic bleed ( oh sounds like a band--"have you heard Copic bleeds new album?"). I digress. Hope all is well with Wyatt soon and that you have peaceful slumbers sans hammer tonite.

I've been following your journal art pages for a while. All those geometrics are somewhat new to your style. Have you been doin the cat drugs too?

lots of action at Moss Cottage!!! Glad to know everyone is doing ok. I'm with you : embrace the mess xx

Thanks for posting your patterns so generously! Love waking up in the morning and with my coffee in bed scrolling along your website! Yummie! You just want to get up and start painting!!!!

As an official Copic marker instructor, I can tell you that not only is it fine to store your Copics vertically, it is encouraged!

Creepy stuff going on at Moss Cottage. Poor Wyatt! Hope he feels all catsy again soon so he can get back at Corky for teasing him. Hope windowknocker does not show himself again. Good luck.
Pages are gorgeous as ever. You make me want to gef out my markers too. Oh wait, they are out already! :-)

Hope your Kitty gets better soon! Poor baby! Better than tangling with a wild ferrel cat, which is what happened to my baby boy that is now in Cat Heaven! I ORDERED some copics....also am going to get some clear gesso...to see what that will do...also might hair spray a page and see if it does anything.....so far not using anything but it does bleed through....loving the brush tip too!! My husband has a gun sound on his iphone....or mAYBE A CLICK OF A GUN WOULD WORK....BE SAFE, HAVE FUN AND FEAR NOTHING! LOVE YOUR PAGES !! Cream soda and ice cream...yummmm.

Be well, all of you in your home, and know we're sending you tranquil thoughts and sweet sleep. And more coloring, which is a known anti-rat agent. (But seriously - oh my! Brave girl and cat.)
Hugs friend.

Happy to hear Wyatt is on the mend...I think you need to add LIQUORE to that ice cream soda!

Good grief! Sending healing vibes to Wyatt and sending macho vibes to you oh courageous lady with a big hammer. Happy colors and yummy beverage sounds like just the trick to sooth the nerves.

O.M.G-ometry! Adore!

Sending healing light to Wyatt -- and to you to calm your frazzled head.

Right?!?! How can anyone NOT store their markers, of any kind, with the deliciously colorful tops sticking up out of a lovely jar/vase/tin/whatev?!?! how?!?!
Healing love and light to Wyatt.

You are not helping my Copic lust by showing all your coloring! Right now I just can't buy a bunch of markers and I can't decided which ones I would buy if I bought only 8 or 10. I just like/love too many colors. All colors. In every value, tint and shade. You are not helping, Ms Moss, but your pages sure do look good.

HI, I hope Wyatt will be well soon. Thanks for the comment on the copics. I am glad to know that gesso will take care of the bleed through. I was thinking about trying to incorporate it into the page as texture or a layer of color, but gesso is a splendid. Idea

Take care my friend.

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