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Thursday, August 22, 2013


When uou're in Amsterdam, dont forget to take a trip (or two) to Utrecht.
20 min, away by train, It is older than Amsterdam, the canals are more beautifull because of the "werven" and there are less tourists. Its my home town and I love this city.
Go there (early) on a saterday, take a look at the lapjesmarkt (market for textile) and the bloemenmarkt (flowermarket) Visit the gorguous Dom toren (tower and cathedral) and all the old buildings that surraounds the Dom.
If you want to hear more about this beautifull old town (that has an ongoing poem in its street cobbles (litteraly) then contact Allison, an expat from the USA who lives in Utrecht for some years now and who has fallen in love with this town, On her blog she writes about it and shows all the photo's she takes.


And do visit The Rietveld house, I think you might like that.


OMG your journal turned out so awesome; I've come to expect amazing journals to fly from your fingers and this one is truly the bombastic-est of them. Sooooo cool. You will no doubt have a blast filling it. Off to visit the ftb classroom to check out this new stitch variation which looks darn spiffy for sure.

I have loved following your sabbatical year... And all of your travels... And classes too, of course! Have a fab time in Amsterdam. I know you will! Thank you for adding to FTB! How cool that you did and what a great variation. Cant wait to try it! Xo

DIVINE journal, Mary Ann. So much fun to fill up with divine drawings, paintings, sketches and other bits and bobs. I haven't been here for a few days - LOVE the new header. Could stare at it for a very long time. Want to walk down the street. hugs, Donna

Oh my....I LOVE your journal!!! Love the paint by number!!! Seeing the wall paper reminds me that you should get the "roll" on Monday....now I hope in time for your glorious trip!? Sorry I delayed. I am itching to start back on reviewing the classes I signed up for get some of my albums made into journals...I want one to be my memories as a child in Northern Spain free in the country....a treasured memory! I have a junky paint by number somewhere in storage!! Your classes have given me so much to look forward to and so many doodle ideas to do!!! Plus the copics are all lined up ready to be played with....and the watercolors....I am brimming over with excitement!! And look forward to the trips I'll take through your blog!! Thanks for sharing!!

Love all the Amsterdam stuff, guaranteed you will fall in love. But what I noticed most is your new -- whadayacallit? logo, banner? - the photo at the tippy top of the page. Where in LA is that picture? Mid Wilshire, maybe or down by the Auto Club on Fig? I was born here in the 40's and looking at that photo, I got that itch in my bones that I've been in that very place with those very cars way, way long time ago.

PS. When I was in Amsterdam I saw a man moving a full-sized sofa on a bicycle.

You must read Van Gogh The Life by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith before you go, or at least the parts about Amsterdam. Love your journal!

Mary Ann,
here's a shop you must visit:
It's called Boekiewoekie and it's filled to the brim with Artists Books.
I hope the link will work. Otherwise just Google Boekiewoekie!
best, Annie - the Netherlands

Great stitch! Very clever variation. Or should I say, Kick Ass!

I can tell you that Amsterdam looks that way like in the pictures. And it's a very nice city to visit. I think you will hardly be able to take it all in because there is so much to see and do. I hope you enjoy it very much.
Greetings for the Netherlands!!

I'm so jealous .....of both the trip and the gorgeous journal!

Hey that little cafe on the canal is a TRUE FULL TILT BOOGIE in all its glory!

Amsterdam, how wonderful! I haven't been (yet). I hope you have a glorious time there, this journal looks like good and beautiful company.


Oh my golly, this is glorious!

I have to agree that is a kick ass stitch.

Elegantly beautiful! So you!

Yo Sister! That is a kick ass stitch on the Amsterdam travel journal! And I do mean kick ass.

Yes, yes, yes!! You will absolutely find brown cafes and they look just like what is in the photo. May I also suggest the Wynand Fockink which is a gorgeous 17th century pub serving over 80 liqueurs, wooden plank floor, oozes charm. It is tucked in to a tiny passageway to the right side of the Hotel Kraznapolsky off Dam Square. Go in, order a 'Rose Without Thorns' feel like you are in a Dutch Masters painting. Order another one, try to drink it without spilling any of the nectar (they fill the glass very full.) order another, become convinced you need to move to Amsterdam, like, now. Feel grateful you have a bike, not a car. Be sweetly informed by a handsome Dutchman (they are universally handsome) that the bar closes at 8 pm. Feel happy.
Can you tell I love Amsterdam?

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