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Saturday, August 17, 2013


that's awesome! Although I don't think I would do the indexing.... I'm too lazy! :D

I've kept diaries and journals most of my life. And every ten years or so, I purge. I often regret that ... watching this clip renewed that regret. I loved that he decided to illustrate via photographs because he "couldn't" paint or draw. Those photos add to a richness to the text. Thank you for sharing this!

What a lovely movie clip. Makes me sorry that I threw out all my diaries when my daughters grew old enough to read. (I didn't want them to know the antics I got up to in my youth).....silly, because they probably got up to worse! Thanks for posting Mary Ann - really, really lovely.

Okay, so this is what I'm thinking. I put on a cat disguise, wander into your house and photograph all your old non-posted journals and upload them to your blog. Sometimes I'll lay down with Wyatt and Corky and take a nap. Don't worry, I won't wear my contacts so I won't be able to see what you're doing and I'll pixelate all the personal information from the early journal pages (which I will sense with my keen cat sense since I won't be able to see it). If the photos are a little fuzzy, that's okay. But that way, we'll all be able to see the progression from your earlier journal style. ... Sorry, I fell over laughing at myself in my cat suit. But really, 37 years, don't you want to see them in person! And will he come to my house while I'm gone and index my journals? Fantastic man.

Lovely..just wonderful. I'm a bit teary eyed. Thank you.
Love you still as ever, tho. little e.w. has been a very bad girl for comments. I do read however. Must go to the Thinking Chair and Think Very Hard.

Really enjoyed this delightful man, thanks pam and Mary Ann

What a lovely video - proof that there are as many ways to keep a diary/journal as there are folks in the world, and that the important part is just keeping it at all. Bravo, English diarist!

Very interesting. Really wish I had kept them as our children were growing up.

Wondeful! Thanks Mary Ann and Pam!

I have kept a journal since 1970, it is a written journal, but has letters and bits of ephemera tucked in as well. I read the Diaries of Anais Nin in college, and that inspired me. I have over 80 composition books.

Recently, I started the Progoff Intensive Journal after taking a workshop, and this process has become my journal.

I found the article about the British man amazing!

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