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Monday, August 26, 2013


Bobbi, I answer for many....MAM lives on the edge! The desert heat is nothing to her. Just like Steve Martin, she is a 'wild and craaaazy' woman! As for me, I can tolerate desert heat much more easily than I can Maryland heat AND humidity.

Looking forward to seeing a color debauchery! So much more fun than going back to school, eh?

I love your new home page photo. Is that Wilshire and Westwood? How can you go to the desert in this heat? ~ A Fellow Angelino

You know we live for the debauchery! and, you know, the sketching. Have a lovely week :-)

Have fun. It's going to be hot. Looking forward to the pictures.

I hope you'll have two or three little cocktails too many for me! Have FUN!

toodles and have a blast and awesome time and getting into some mischief and mayhem is required. I'll make some sort of aerial appearance so when you see that low flying object; it's not a bird, nor plane, nor superwoman, it's me, the great white whale of the midwest doing a flyover! I'll try and not hit anything nor land on anyone but I can't make too many big promises. HA!!!!!

Lifting my invisible martini glass in your direction.
Watching the horizon for firework-like pops of light.
Wishing you suspended time and ridiculous Play.
Oh, and great music. Gotta have THAT.

Is sister joining you for the art in the desert madness? Are you staying in the same place you did last year? Is this put on by an art teacher or just a gathering of friends? Hope you have a wonderful time. My folks moved from the So. Cal. coast to Palm Springs in the 1960's. My mother passed away a few years ago and was still living there.

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