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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Because I'm an idiot I am spending the majority of my summer making up five classes so that I may graduate nest year. This is so embarrassing... I'm at the Rossmoor carwash catching up on all your colorful goodness... yeah, mum took the computer away again. I suck.

He he. Thanks for the sketches! Lovely as always. Have fun in the desert.

the desert in august is sublime! i'll share my favorite recipe with you.
one pool
one naked body
towel (optional)
2-3 margaritas (not optional)

place one naked body in pool (cannonball entry is acceptable)
remove body
recline body

e n j o y!

ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? THE DESERT IN AUGUST???? I hope you're planning on being indoors when you're not in the pool. My friend has a salt water pool (we live in the high desert) If you're returning to Palm Springs area prepare to melt...that desert gets hotter than ours! Thank goodness for A/C. Be sure to get a sunshade for the windshield in your car...it does help to reduce the inside temps. from about 150F down to 140F. It's like climbing right into the oven.

Well, I finished "Wild," by Cheryl Strayed...I must say if you read this book, make sure you're wearing the most comfortable footwear you own. How she walked that PCT with her feet in such dreadful condition is beyond me. You know that when your feet hurt you hurt all over...Gad! That she made this trip alone with hurting feet is even more amazing, especially being so terribly unprepared and out of shape. That's a daunting adventure for the most rugged, conditioned souls who are fit...she wasn't. But she seemed to find what she needed from this journey and I have to admire her decision to stick with it no matter what. I couldn't have done it. I'm a weenie who likes my creature comforts and good food. Granola & Almost Milk doesn't get it with me.

I stay indoors drawing and painting in my sketchbook for the 75 Challenge. I've fallen off the wagon a couple of times but can make up the loss in no time. I think I'm finally getting it when it comes to gesture drawing: where you don't lift the pen from paper and never look at paper except briefly to make sure you're not completely lost on the page.

Sorry - it's Rustnstuff. no i

Watermelon lemonade and all that sounds great BUT have you seen the outdoor wall made entirely of BOOKS? Go to Rustinstuff web site for pictures. It's so awesome. Go right now!

A saltwater pool and an art retreat in the desert sound lovely. Slowing time is exactly what I need. Hoping for some of that tonight and this weekend and next month. You're such an inspiration!

Watermelon lemonade! That is the best idea ever. Does your sister have a recipe? Maybe something involving mason jars and fresh herbs from the garden?

we are practicing the art of moving ever so very s l o w l y so as not to miss the slightest moments, nothing too tiny nor gigantic is to be missed. I'm loving the absolute bliss of having full days where I can choose what to do and when; makes up for the weekends the keep me on my toes...on those days I kick as much arse as I can get away with and taking names, always...that is utterly important since that is the only way I can keep track of who, what and where...LOL :)really, truly have you been able to get a wee bird to perch on your finger?????? That would be seriously awesome. :)

Besides the day job still getting in the way, I am doing my best at smelling the roses, grillin and chillin, eating my fair share of ice cream, and getting my fingers inky every chance I get! You fill me with such inspiration! Love your pages!

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the yummie colors you are using here...and everywhere.....you are a riot..and so glad to meet ya...even though it is over the computer.....enjoying this class and heading out on a vacation first a mini then a long one...hell you what I don't want to leave my work so I am packing it up and shipping it to my destination....all except my sewing machine.....I am mad as hell that I am going to fall behind...but I need this vacation with family....at least that is what they keep telling me...so enjoy your trips and hope to still communicate, and enjoy seeing all of your projects...will catch up some time.

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