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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The Flickr photos of class creations are gorgeous!

Absolutely love your palette ovals!!!!!!!

Enjoyed your post even if I had to open so many windows!!! Great calligraphy on the Malo post. Through the Wormhole really sounds interesting but it's not available her in the Philippines. WONDERFUL projects from your Sewn group! The chicken salad made me hungry! patsy

Oh wow, is there another Dexter alike? I got hooked on D... I only got to see up to aeries 5 I think... My current fave is an older Brit series called Silent Witness.

Thanks for all the color board inspirations! I, too, have attached myself to "Ray Donovan"...wow! what an awesome show! Thankfully there will be this show, another totally unique and somewhat off the wall show, to watch next year when I have to learn to live without "Dexter". Right now the two hours of boldness is such a treat to watch! Peace to your heart,

susan -

the palette color bubble things were drawn with my wacom tablet in photoshop cs5

OK I'll ask on behalf of everyone - are these photos plus palette squiggles done on iPad and with what app? If not, howdja do that?

(I'm collecting lists of iPad apps in case I ever get one. I am investing the equivalent of four iPads in car repairs today and tomorrow, so the digital toy will wait)

Busy week but I have plans to run with my scissors straight to my sewing machine this weekend. I have been tossing paints around the sword-fighting with brushes though. It's all good.
Loving your color pallets you found on your stroll. Nice.

Love those color palettes. And love what's happening in your class!

Holy Crap! I need to get rid of my house guests and get busy before I get left behind! I have lots of patterns but haven't made my book yet. Dommage...

Gorgeous... I cannot wait! I have just been booted out of my art studio (with gorgeous big arched gothic windows), by my daughter, who is moving back home with her bf. So I have to get excited about my smaller, not so grand room downstairs. My treat/birthday gift to celebrate the new room is SEWN!! This is such a cool taster, on top of all the others - Thank you MAM!

I adore the house pics too, that stunning red house with the San Pedro's... Wow, and the verandah on the green one, very like old kiwi houses, the wooden ones.

Happy Thursday to you! I have worn it in nicely and made it comfortable for you :)

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