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Saturday, July 27, 2013


your pages...yum yum yum

I decided to treat myself to TICKET TO VENICE....I am taking SEWN which I love but under the weather today and yesterday and TICKET TO VENICE was sure what I needed!!! I haven't done anything in that class yet but absorb the writing and videos of the trip to Venice....I needed that SOOO much today and was actually glad to be laying on the couch most of the day....or sorry I was streaming through Venice in the gondola!!! What a fabulous time!!

Great pages. Have fun in Kansas and say hi to your Mama. Been so sick, haven't been around. Missing lots of stuff. xoDonna

I must do more watercoloring! your pages are hip and happening.

I'm going to Kansas City to see my brother in Sept. the first time back there in 40 years.
Things are probably smaller there now than they were when I was a girl.

KANSAS SALE...thank you very much, Mary Ann. I treated myself to TWO of your classes (I am currently loving SEWN.
Thanks for the birthday gift...I'm sure I'll enjoy and keep busy! I love your style, lady!! :)

Nothing better than hanging out with mum, have fun!

I confess that for the past year I have been engaging in behavior that can be directly related to Mary Ann Moss and her addictive activities relating to what I like to call "extreme doodling". I took one unused journal, three boxes of unused colored pencils, black felt-tip pens and went to work. Nothing is "unused" now especially my previously latent imagination.
I even do big bold letters and big bright uneven circles! And another thing - when my collaged pages starting pulling apart I taped them with big ole strips of clear tape (guess where I learned that). Next time I'll use a stronger book for collages. You live you learn you. Thank you, Mary Ann, from a self-avowed extreme doodler and visual journalista.

Hi. I finally bought an iPad woohoo. I know a lot of comments where given about which artsy apps to use. Do you have any idea how to find the conversations...what month. When you got your iPad will help me narrow down my search. Thanks bunches

LOVE the big journal....I SO look forward to having several journals made, as per your teaching, for Fall enjoyment and some winter days coming...with the heat in Texas, cool Fall is so welcomed...especially with a Mary Ann Moss journal in hand for doodling...thanks for your classes. I love that your journals aren't done perfectly...love that!! Have a great trip!

I love this journal, Mary. Everything about it says HOMEMADE! It, beautiful. The lettering, the patterns. It looks like you stitched the book together yourself. Absolutely GORGEOUS!

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