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Sunday, July 14, 2013


I too am intrigued by your fastidious paragraphs! Too damn funny ;-)

hi stephanie,

the radishes are cut in quarters and served on the side along with lemon and red or green sauce. its a traditional taco side, here in LA anyway. i never eat them, but do squeeze lots and lots of lemon on mine along with green salsa and salt!

Please tell me how radishes are used by the taco truck man. Enquiring minds really want to know...well at least one enquiring mind wants to know.

Well that makes two of us. I thought I was the only one who after reading your fastidious paragraph, becomes fresh and cheerful. It's refreshing to know I'm in good company!

Seriously though...your blog has been the most wonderful source of inspiration, of laughter, of cats, of food for thought. That video you posted of the Photo Man this past weekend was lovely. Just lovely.

Thank you for the way you show your joy of living to the world. It helps me to do the same, and if you ever find your way down to sunny south Florida, I'll treat you to all the tacos you want! (man, do we have taco trucks here!)

order up a dozen of the BUCHE - DUCHE tacos, I'm headed your way.

omg, I wish a man in a hair net would make my sunday dinners. The carnitas, that is what I would choose. YUM!

damn, girl even your spam has personality

chuckling right along with you, bet those tacos were awesome. I was trying to figure out meals for the week and I've not made tacos in ages so I think that might just be the way to go, if it's gonna be 90plus outside, might as well make it at least that in 'tummy town' I'm chompin at the bit for the next project on 'sewn' the excitement is building to a fever pitch yet again. Keep on smiling Mary Ann :)

I love when your paragraphs are fastidious too, Mary Ann. Thanks for sharing and making me turn out fresh and cheerful. Ha!

Tongue and beef head...are they spicy? Your words v.v. intriguing. Man from Taco Engine v.v. upright but has unsettled hairline. Tri-Leg Youth Manna Drops.

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