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Friday, July 26, 2013


Yum! I'll go! But we'd have to plan ahead, since it would take me about three days to drive there. I haven't completely decided about this, but trying a "ruben" every place I go that has one, may have to be one of my goals.

If you go back, be sure to check out " The Word is Art" on Venice Blvd it is within walking distance and it has some really cool stuff. It is next door to the Jurassic museum. Love your adventures.

It's hot today and I read mystery novels on hot summer days, I think Michael Connelly should read this post and set his next Harry Bosch novel in Culver City with at least one meal at Fat Sal's. The storybook homes would be a great contrast to his modern home stuck on the side of a hill.

I'll take the Big Fat Fatty, cuz the name is pure poetry ('though the description looks frightening.)

I can't believe this synchronicity, Mary Ann. Check my latest blog post!

the house is dang cool. There was a tiny story-book type house in the neighborhood I grew up in here in Minnesota. It was an absolutely quaint and tiny cottage, makes me wonder if it is still there. lip smackin menu makes me rethink my choice for dinner tonight....hmmmmm pondering this.

Culver City used to be pretty sad, as I remember it. There used to be a lot of storybook-style houses in Cheviot Hills -- at least they seemed that way to me when I was a wee one.

Love the house. Love that menu. :D

I want to live in a storybook house.

erin ill see you a fat juanito and raise you a fat joey!

Aren't these houses just adorable.

Mmmm - a Fat Juanito por favor!
Erin in Morro Bay

Love going on field trips with you! Thanks for lunch. Looking forward to the next one. :)

Seriously? Is this a real menu? There is a restaurant in Portland that offers a 72oz steak dinner (4.5lbs, I did the math!) You get it free if you can eat the whole thing, including the sides of potato and salad. I had a boyfriend in high school who did it. At least he said he did, I was not there to witness...

What did you order?

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