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Sunday, July 07, 2013


Gorgeous photos. I can't believe that lady's outfit! It was like she was modeling for your SEWN class promo!

HA! I hope you didn't think you could slip two Longears past me by embedding them in a post! It's entirely fitting that they are high-fiving each other over their latest garden coups! :-)

Love seeing Echo Lake....remember going there with my father and brothers in the 50's and paddling around while eating treats from the snack shop. A favorite L.A. spot!

What a great story. So glad it is restored. Thanks to the thief hero. Fantastic read.

what gorgeous photos of a beautiful park...and the story about the lotus 'heist' was terrific! a happy ending...

Oooooo weeeee! Love those wavy palm trees!!!

I remember the lake back in the mid 1950s when I was a kid. So happy to see it flourishing today. Thanks for the photos -- they made me smile. My families history is all around the Los Angeles and Lincoln Heights area.

Visited LA many times...don't think we were ever in that area...very cool! Oh...have a new book for you...just finished. The Last Camellia by Sarah Jio. You will love it!

Yes, it's wonderful! I have memories of boating with my dad on another L.A. lake, in Westlake Park before it became McArthur Park. That was in the early 1950s and I can still smell the popcorn!

First time I remember fireworks....over the Echo Park Lake.....1956 or so. You used to be able to take a little rowboat on the lake I think. I grew up in Silverlake before it was cool and hip and just a place to live.

the lotus flowers are magnificent!

Thanks so much for posting this...the photos are wonderful. My daughter lives very near Echo Park and loves it.

What a fantastic place to hang out! I am glad they found the time and resources to restore such a sacred place for local residence. It's important for a community to have a pretty place to hang. Come on! paddleboats!!

This was my go-to park when I attended college at CSULA in the early '70's. Lvoed the paddle boats! Even got engaged here way back when - the marriage sucked but the park was great! It's great to see it looking so lovely again.
Erin in Morro Bay

Lotus and lake love.

when I was a little girl my family started going to St. Athanasius church across the street from the boathouse. From 1949 to 1962 I went there every Sunday. I felt so lucky to be by a lake. I even fell in once. Sweet memories....

Beautiful little tour. I'll be sure to add it to my "...things to love in L.A...." list.
Oh, thank Goodness for cities that can still toss some $ at beauty (if it WAS the city). No matter what happens, we NEED places to restore our souls. Great post AS USUAL.

oooooooooo, loved reading this post. Love your explorations in your own backyard and a peek into a place you love so much. The photos are gorgeous as always. Awesome! Simply Awesome.

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