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Friday, July 19, 2013


my v.v.v. most favoritest thing I have read in a while! (also loving using the "v.v.v." - just another little favorite somethin' I picked up from the divine Miss M M.

Thanks for the morning chuckle. I say just whip them up from your paper scraps- but don't plan on sitting down or getting caught in the rain.

lane giant!!! I can't stop laughing.

Those clothes are so you but maybe only worn one at a time?......maybe the blouse and hat can go together :-P

Just your post title made me giggle. Our family coined the phrase "ever in the history of everness" last year on a family vacation. Love your fashion choices and your journal pages!

I had never heard of Marimekko, but must agree, that hat just does it. I understand Jeanette's declaration of being intimidated by the ironing board - mine sometimes mocks me too. Love that sewn lettering! Speaking of SEWN, i'm back from France, and getting started on class today!!

You TOTALLY need that hat!

Yum yum yummy Yumerson! Those patterned sewn paper letters are de-vine! Lovely work Mary Ann!

perhaps my dry wit is so dry as to be obscure. joan...whadda ya think?

Love the blouse & hat, the dress? UMMMmmmm, not so much. I had a very full, short dress like that back in the day when I was a little twig of thing weighing 105 lbs. The problem was bending over in it...your whole hiney would show (among other delicacies.) Egad! Porn show!

Would you ?? would you really? cause while that drink hits right in my sweet spot (as I AM a pirate after all--ask my tattoo), I just don't know that I could trust that you would go through all that work for a dress that you could obviously make for yourself out of your Paper fabrics **wink wink** Challenge accepted? LOL

I was going to suggest that you do your own pattern drawing and upload it to Spoonflower who will gladly make the fabric of your dreams from your drawing.. FOR A PRICE. But then I remembered that I did that very thing and now the lovely flowered fabric sits on my ironing board taunting me with thoughts like, "Why haven't you sewn that robe yet?" And I would not like to put you in the position of being shamed by your own ironing board. Trust me. Whatever they are charging fo it, it is WORTH it.

Okay, so this is v.v. weird. I will be in Helsinki, Finland on August 14th.
I certainly will look into this if you really want me to follow up. I'll check out the Marimekko website as to location if the shop. I think it's right on the main drag. Loving SEWN.....

You are the most awesome patternista I know. Start designing your own papers or fabrics and the only craft monkeys you will ever have to teach again will be old enough to have a drivers license!!

Your journal pages in stages best in ages so outrages... Eat the world with your eyes & win a prize & get surprised like big fruit pies or silken ties to dye for & colors galore & texture some more... good grief my eyes have teeth!

thanks for the weekend eye candy, pattern inspiration AND the mental image of you wearing THAT hat in your next SEWN video blog...gotta go paint turquoise dots connected with black lines!

just make the dress out of SEWN paper fabric and don't sit down.

I have painted my shoes before (Dansko clogs are especially nice for this). Perhaps I'll look around to see what other wearable surfaces there are. Heck- find sump'in fun at thrift store and paint it with insane patterns. Start w purse

hey Mary Ann, Julie Synnove HAS a great suggestion.....
we all would love to be able to translate our paper SEWN inventions into simple sewing patterns....

it would be awesome to control our own "clothing choices - destiny", yes, indeedy....


Mary Ann have you thought about expanding your awesome talent for color, pattern, paper and book making (sewing) into designing your own fabric? And your very own collection of dresses etc.?!
Just thinking out loud here...

You truly make me laugh out loud. And you would look awesome in that dress. Just love your kookiness. But then, I would!

You and I are speaking the same language.

I'm feeling a bit like Ricky in Paris, just don't get fashion... women's in particular, but I totally get that journal. You rock!

I fell in love with Marimekko 30 years ago and never looked back! That look is called confidence with a capital C! Your journal is looking just as marvelous with a capital M. wowowowowow! So gorgeous!

i get some b&w as yet undesigned KEENS for mine

oh my gosh, haven't thought of marimekko in years! great pattern inspiration. thanks for the nudge!(and I'd wear that hat any day!)

Lets both get the dress and wear them at the same time on our next overseas vacation! I like it v.v.v.v.v.v. Much. I will get white patent leather go go boots to go with mine. What about you?

A girl wants what a girl wants, hopefully someone out there in ciber space will find it for you, will expect you to model it. Good luck. Like the hat and blouse, dress is a bit mental. You may need medicated to actually go out in public in it. Actually if you go back to school, you can take your meds, wear the dress and you will have a happy day. Enjoy

Lane Giant -- LOL, haven't heard that one before!

cool cool dreesy digs and you know I would do it in a heartbeat if I could seriously, I'm totally lovin on that hat and I I totally adore Marimekko. Rockin and swingin' journal pages, oh yeah I am pullin' up to the table right now and having a rather largish helping.

Fashion.........where is auto correct when I need it???

You are at risk for getting multiples of all those desired clothing items!!!

In the mail.....you have many fans......

Love all you do and now I love your fashn sense!!

Oh that hat! Oh those sewn pages. I swoon.

Marimekko "dress" is v.v. cute. But girlfriend with yellow eye shadow forgot her pants.

blouse yes. it screams YOU. dress no. pippi longstocking on steriods. nope. put it out of your mind. not going to happen. Post Traumatic Dress Syndrome waiting to happen. good night.

Love Marimekko. Love these sewn journal pages. :)

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