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Thursday, July 25, 2013


I may have to turn in my teen membership card for this statement...

This place is more my style than Fat Sal's.

Brussel sprouts - nature's little farter starters!

Oh wow! The salads (minus the brussel sprouts) look delish. Too bad the lemonade was too sweet. We get some great places to eat here in Las Vegas, but nothing like that.

You should have watered it down with Grey Goose! That combination would be tres fantastic. And those salads, I could almost lick my computer monitor. I have been on a no-wheat regime and I am so lazy that I have been eating peanuts for dinner for two weeks...well, and some corn chips...and tuna, but honestly that's it. Wish there was a Lemonade in San Diego:( Been having a groovy time with the SEWN class but v.v. far behind. I was distracted by Amazon Prime and watched all the I Love Lucy episodes back to back. High Carumba....he he he...where did I leave that burrito?

Honestly, does everything have to be in California? How in the hell are we supposed to get anything like this in PA? So unfair. lol. I love your blog Mary Ann. So eclectic & always a treat.

Mmmmm I'd drive to California for that meal!! Haven't eaten yet today....working....and am starving!! LOOKS ABSOLUTELY TO DIE FOR!!!

A rotating daily spread of deliciousness? Who could resist? Count me in. When I am home next I will surely go.

Wow.. I adore brussels sprouts!! How imaginative :) You have tomatillo? We grow those on the North Island of NZ, tree tomatoes we call them. A delicious way to eat them is to slice them into a bowl, sprinkle with brown sugar and leave overnight in the fridge. Have them for breakfast with plain Greek yoghurt. the sugar really brings out the juices and the flavour.

I will! It is. So, next time i'm in LA from the OC, I will go there.
I am hungry as I read this, and can't wait to get at those great salads!
Thank you public-minded Mary Ann!

fall, 2010 we spent 3 days a-walking & EATING our way through W Hollywood/LA area.....then ate even more in Santa Barbara...drove back to Santa Monica for the weekend, and continued our walking quest and deliciously awesome meals....fall, 2013 SAN FRANCISCO, a walking & eating & photographing holiday......California is the land of creative American Cooking....it is always a challenge to fit oneself in the airplane seat, departing California....


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