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Monday, July 22, 2013


I, too, know the hardships of loving both feathered and furry friends. Luckily the furry (possums, raccoons, cats, skunks) all get along, but my pride will not stop stalking no matter what morsels I put out for them. This particular bunch is especially clever, no contraption built, bought, or borrowed has even slowed them down much less stopped them. Outwitted by a bunch of felines, I have no ego left.


I HAVE ORIOLES! I had NO idea they could be anything other than the dark orange and black dude that shows up in the video. So happy to that. (as one of my little language disordered kids would say)

vicki - you just did so i do not need to. mine go through it so fast it is always fresh and tasty.

I love to watch the orioles when they come to the hummingbird feeder that I have. I have tried putting out cut oranges since reading that they like them,but they seem to prefer the feeder.

Don't forget to remind everyone to keep the nectar fresh and clean so the gentle hummingbirds don't get tongue fungus.

What a delight to watch!! And love the food over in the trees, such a pretty place!! Birds are the jewelry along with the flowers! Great tales of backyard business!

Loved that video! I think they knew they were on camera. :)

Those bees! I don't think I would like all those bees. We had little wrens that built a nest in a hanging basket on our porch and they are bossy little birds!!

I was almost as interested in the video as Mali (part of my posse) was. She loved the birdies on the screen so much, she had to get off my lap and touch them.

What cute little piggies those birds are!

loved, loved, LOVED the video and of course your bird tales are always enjoyable. Glad to see you're provided safe haven for all of your neighborhood bird kind. Um don't know quite what to make of Wyatt...but I'm just fine not knowing the rest of the story... ;)

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