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Saturday, July 20, 2013


What a wonderful video on a classic and joyful company. Thank you for sharing it here. (And yes, someone should buy you that dress in the post below. And hat. And maybe even the yellow eyeshadow...)

You should be a designer for them!

Thanks for that! I've loved Marimekko since the 1970s, and it's so cool that the company is doing better today than ever before.

I can so see your painted patterns on fabric. Have you thought about scanning your designs and having them printed on fabric via Spoonflower? A perfect marriage, imo.

Have a wonderful Sunday! xo

Yes, Marimekko fabric has always been a love of mine and the reason I've always wanted to go to Helsinki. I wish I knew what happened to the yardage I bought in the 70's & used as a tablecloth for many years.
Crate & Barrel sells some of the new Marimekko now - new & classic designs. You could make your own dress!!

......what a fantastic snap-shot of this design Juggernaut!
My talented and colorful Aunt Lenni had Marimekko up to HERE in the 60's and 70's.
I still swoon over the clean and joyful graphics.....like Alexander Girard, Maira Kalman.....they all make me fall over. So do you.

First found them in the 7os. They were always high priced then Ikea carried them for a while. Now they can be found on line. not as much fun as finding them in a store and touching, feeling them love them.

Oh my goodness. I saw a post on Instagram from Lisa Congdon. She was wearing her Marimekko Komkotti Pistachio patterned apron, and I then went off on a Marimekko tangent myself this evening!
Love how the universe connects us all!

Indeed it is F for Fabulous! I love seeing those huge rolls of fabric being created, at every stage. It is beautiful! It really makes me giddy! Lets take a DFLA fieldtrip, shall we?! Thanks for sharing, I'll see what I can do about the dress! Now. & the blouse & the hat! Wow that hat!

I've been a fan of Marimekko for 40 years and I still have Marimekko sheets and shower curtain. Can't beat the colors and design.

Fantastic and Fabulous and Favourited... Fank you!

Yummy! Also exciting to see the process of the printing of the designs. Amazing process. You've chosen some yummy (I'm repeating myself) colors and clothes.

Wow, I had never heard of marimekko. I googled the name and their fashion show was performed by the ballet. Watch it because your dress or one similar was worn by one of the gals. I am rethinking , you will look delightful dancing in this dress. It will ring your happy on. Enjoy

As a finn Marimekko has been in my life always. Here in Finland Marimekko means colourful clothes or textiles. But it also means history, there has "always" been striped t-shirts and canvas bags. It is nice when they take back some old patterns in new colours and everybody can tell stories about "oh, my mother had this cotton in kitchen..." . Yes, I too think that Marimekko is fabulous.

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