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Friday, July 12, 2013


One afternoon at a local thrift store I noticed the man in line with me holding a nicely framed 8x10 hand colored studio portrait of an older man. Brylcreem hair; dark rimmed glasses. Someone's DAD from the 50 or 60's. The customer was Paul Rubens. He said he collects vintage framed photos because they "need a home." I've picked up a few orphan photos myself, but I only have so much space! My "can't resist" is hand made projects: a wonky little cabinet made in someone's garage shop; a bumpy heart-shaped bowl probably made in junior high; a fine yarn, all wool afghan crocheted in a shell patterned rainbow. Gifts given with heart and hand and discarded. How could they give these away?

Just picked up a book in a little book store (yes, they still have those!) titled "Talking Pictures-Images and Messages Rescued from the Past" by Ransom Riggs. Love those old black & white photos and using them in journals. Thanks for the heat- warming video.

Love this! I want to go watch it again. Maybe I will. Bye.

wonderful film. there's a guy like this at the flea market here called The Garage (the flea market not the guy. called The Garage I mean...) & I have a small juicy collection from him. you will enjoy The Garage, though it's seriously hot when the temps are in the 90s as they've been lately.

Have you ever heard of Vivian Maier? this blog did a neat write up about her:

I also thought this guy and his journals might interest you as well:

Oh I just love that video and I long to go through some of those bins of his! wow, what treasures lay waiting....
Great vintage summer camp photo, too! those sunglasses, YOWZA!

Thank you for sharing the Photo Man....I loved what he was saying about seeing yourself in the eyes in an old photo. I have been "collecting" thousands (eeeeek, I know) digital images of vintage photos for the last couple of years and trying to imagine living in 1850's through there eyes and wondering about their lives and using the photos in my art to keep them alive for me. Thank you, thank you. Also loving the SEWN class.
Best to you, Nancy (Trail Girl)

Thank you for the zinio magazine-Mom fell and broke her hip Saturday so I've had lots and lots of time to explore how to read an electronic magazine. I'm groovin' on discovering all the little pop ups on each page.

I loved this! I never leave the flea market without old photos- kind of feel like I'm rescuing them. Especially old pictures of babies and old baby books. I always wonder what happened that these were left behind. To me they are reminders of life lived before us, stories, history. What's going to happen in the future when all of these pictures are tossed out with an outdated electronic device instead of being tucked away in a musty old cardboard box?

I haven't commented on the photos you have used for this course - however I ADORE them. Really took me back to summers at the lake. There is something so charming about black and white or sepia. Thanks got the info. xoDonna

Hi I loved this video too...I have many of my family's old photos..one just like one in the video with the big old car. Mine is a photo of my mom and dad on their honeymoon in New Guinea!! I am going to share this as I love it..thank you..

ps I have done one of your classes and loved it..love your work!! and your infectious happiness..

Loved the video. I am always drawn to photos at flea markets and antique shops. Love the ones with names written on the back. My family/friends think I am nuts when I Google the names and come up with some history. I find it fascinating...thanks for sharing.

Sounds like life is good at your end. Just thought I would drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoy your posts

Great video and I love the vintage photo!! I am particularly impressed by the long grass, and how they just don't give a damn about it, nary a lawnmower or weedeater in sight. Gorgeous!! My guilt at the length of my grass was quite blown away :)

Love the Photo Man video. I really enjoy your blog, you crack me up! I have a "list" of people that I wished lived on my block so they could be my neighbors. You're on my list now. So is Goldie Hawn, but I haven't told her yet! Hah!

Loved the video you posted of The Photo Man. I shared it with a couple of people I know who would appreciate it. I am a photo bug. I love taking pictures and especially love finding old pictures of my family. I recently received two albums from a cousin with many old pictures of my father and some other relatives. Some of the pictures I had never seen before, such as one of my aunt taken in 1921 at her first job when she was very young. I only remembered her as a woman in her 60s so it was stunning to see her with the bloom of youth on her face. It really helped me to appreciate her whole life. The ones of my father were just a treasure that gave me a glimpse into his life before he married my mother and when he was a very young boy. Just priceless!

Thank you for reminding us (via this video) that inspiration for art and many other creative endeavors (writing!) can come from unexpected places.

I really enjoy your blog, by the way. Found it quite by accident and have bookmarked it so I check almost every day to see what you've been up to. Oh, and I've been a stow away on several of your trips. Hope I didn't make your luggage overweight. Tee hee....
Marcia G.

Wow, I love that video about the photo man. Reminds me of this Canadian artist who collected vintage albums for many years and then gave many of them away last year: http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/2012/05/20/max_dean_lost_and_found_photo_albums_brign_reconnection.html.

I have one of his albums, as well as several I have found on my own (partly as a result of collecting albums for Full Tilt Boogie!). I find them fascinating.

Loved The Photo Man video! I've become the keeper of my family's old photo's and sometimes worry about what will happen to them...will anyone else in my family treasure them like I do? Thanks for sharing this. I also had a bathing suit just like the one in the photograph...it was plaid with a little pleated "skort" skirt attached...it was in the late 50's (and of course I was VERY young!) It's an amazing photo and makes me wonder about the story behind it!

Been lovin' on these vintage pics you've been sharing. So cool. Awesome video too. Enjoy your weekend, where ever you wander or hang out.

Wow, wow, wow! I loved that Photo Man video. Makes me want to tear through my trunk of old photos. I kind of need to look at old photos for my upcoming high school reunion. The committee is asking people to send in scans of what they have. Anyway, thanks for sharing that cool video.

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