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Monday, July 08, 2013


I'm getting addicted to a few more, just a few more...... Inside,outsid, upside, downside, sitting, standing but not walking...........
Thanks for inspiring us all

Your day looks a lot like mine did! This is shaping up to be the perfect summer folly...creative and free spirited!

Looks like you had a fun day! I began my cover today - will sew tomorrow. My blog is toast Mary Ann. Would you please take it off the side links. Thanks. Just couldn't get it fixed through blogger or google - frustrating. I'll be starting another one - should be up and running in the next couple of weeks. I'll keep you posted. I am posting all my pictures to flicker and the file on yahoo. Lovin' your class MAM! xodonna

Thank you, thank you cat posse, I love this site and tried mollie makers single copy to see how it all works and it does,doing the happy dance. Making patterns and will start my pattern book before 6 of the grandkids come for camp mema. Love your happy patterns Maryann.

Mary Ann Moss, you have all the fun!!
I have watermelon, ice, vodka, mint leaves - I'm going to look up some recipes.

we love when you dream up big ideas!!!! beautiful pages. i can hardly wait until i have enough money to join in the sewn class. i am so jealously wanting to see what everyone is up to. will there be a public flickr site for this class like some of the others? please, please, please.

Oh my staaaars Mary Ann! Just saw my name on the list of subscription winners! I am so elated! Can't remember winning anything in my entire life! This is so cool! Thank you, thank you, thank you! A big bear hug to you!

Lovely patterns and colors!! :)

yes mary - theres flickr, pinterest, instagram w/ hashtag #sewnclass. tons to see. lots of peeps blogging too so you can just search to find.

I'm holdin' up by visiting you here in your square world where light and color and good vibes and drinks, mustn't forget the libations are making me smile and get all happy and excited and your awesome pages make me super, crazy, wild and all goose-bumpy inside and then I have to make a bee line to my art room so I can play too and bring my happiness on the inside, outside. BTW SEWN is rockin' my world and enjoying summer school very much. You ROCK ya know and happy to share the world with ya.

I say screw ever going back to teachin' - me thinks you should be a "highly paid - names your own hours" freelance pattern designer.

Dreaming up BIG ideas & enjoying a watermelon margarita sounds like an excellent way to spend a summer day!

You're the bomb with those colorful patterns. I needed that blast of color to offset the rainy weather we're having here. Your ideas are amazing. They soar right off the page. Thank you, Miss Moss.
Jane S.

Thank you, cat posse, for choosing my comment. I am currently in Dublin, Ireland. Tell MAM that if she hasn't been, to put it on her list!

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