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Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Woohoo! I'm waiting with paintbrush in hand :)

I love thread and paper. It's been my favorite since I was a teen, a damn long time ago.

I'd jump up and down but it wouldn't be pretty! the page stuff is what I'm really looking forward to!

Hurry! Hurry! I'm salivating already. Needless to say, count me IN!

I hope you haven't gone to bed yet. I hope you are working your silly little excited head off - cause it's 1:30 am here now, and you've got me wide wide awake!
Nice and cool in my studio this time of day ... hmmmm ... maybe I'll just header on up and take stock of the paper and thread situation .... xodonna


Can hardly wait to read the description! Dena

O you are such a tease!

Cool! :D

You don't have to write a class description for me - I was sold when you first mentioned it!

Sounds marvelous! I am obsessed with idea of stitching right now so this class is perfection!

This chimp can't wait!
Thanks for bringing another amazing class to us!
BANG is right! Keep the teasers coming!

Pretty spools of thread, delicious paper, the drone of my sewing machine...intoxicating! Can't wait for the FIREWORKS!

Where is the pay now button? So excited I can't stand it..."nope, sorry honey, can't go to the lake this 4th of July...MAM class is starting!" I am sure he will understand...its like his opening day of baseball season.

"chimp worthy"...?
You're playing my tune.
GO Girl!

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've just fainted, got back up, read this again and fell right over for a 2nd time!!!!! There is gonna be a firework display like none other anywhere else in the country, gotta get the word out that all eyes should be looking west and pretty much every where else for the really BIG BOOM BOOMS that will be non stop well into the night. Excited is not a big enough word!!!!!

Careful, Susie, don't hurt yourself falling over! Me, I'm excited too except I haven't been able to sort out the tension on my sewing machine for a while now. Must get that done before I can play along! It's either that or buy another inexpensive machine. Oh hey, there's an idea! ;)

Such beautiful colors, like fireworks already!

I totally cannot wait!!!!

I hope we are working BIG. You have intrigued me with your big journal. I am not even sure what we will be doing and I have started collecting patters for inspiration. I LOVE the colors.

Just in time for the summer- thank you! :)

I am excited. And so glad to get another chance to bathe in chimp proof loving kindness creativity and camaraderie again so soon after TTV!

yes, yes and YES!!!

Bring IT Ms. Moss!!! Cant wait!

Mary Ann will all the videos be up if you want to move ahead because I have just 2 weeks holiday early July to breathe this joy in before back to school for term 3.

This class looks like its going to be a juicy, squeezy, summer breezy twirl to look forward to - perfect for summer - perfect like a well made cocktail. I hope sis will concoct us one?

hi jane!

sister is ON IT and already has something delicious in mind. shes field testing it this week :-)


YAY! Can't wait,just like anticipating summer camp, the one where the camp leader was awesomely quirky and didn't care if you smoked behind the storage shed. Just what do we need to pack for this venture? I remember how Full Tilt Boogie created a run on celluloid albums on ebay, skyrocketing the prices, resulting in a black market and insider trading. Soooooo, if you are going to require an unique and rarified item to complete this class, please let me know personally:)

hello MAM, what kind of thread do you recommend, cotton or synthetic=)
I´m kind of Square and have to get "your advice" on this =) Have a Beautiful day. LM

hi liv hows life in sweden? i like cotton, but right now have some polyester too because it happened to have the color i wanted and couldnt find in cotton. so my answer is : doesnt matter. except maybe you dont want anything too thin and fussy. specialty threads...

-mary ann

:) I'm so excited!! Those pictures look amazing.

just the mention of buck moss touches my heart...

Beautiful papers you have created! I'm inspired!

FOR SURE MUST TAKE THIS CLASS!!!! I am at present doing the Full Tilt Boogie class to learn the basics of book binding etc.... WELL....I LOVE LOVE IT!! Learning alot...can't wait for SEWN!!! Love the way you teach....relaxed and spontaneous changing thoughts!!! That I can follow!!!

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