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Sunday, June 30, 2013


These are fantastic fotos of finches. a fullsome finch foto fest. through my vision flitter fabulous finch festivities.

The point is: nice pics.

Glad you found the peach pilferer.

peace out.

What kind of depraved soul steals somebodies peaches? Also, could you please share exactly how to make a strawberry infused vodka with some lime and soda? I'm pretty sure my life will not be complete until I have tried one.

Sounds like a wild time is being had! Btw, I'm in Carcassonne France, if you have not gone here yet, walking around in the evening is like stumbling upon Sleeping Beauty's castle, you'd swear you we're in a dream! Just incredible :-) and I have SEWN to look forward to upon my return!

Oh my gosh, one can hardly blame the peach thief as tree-ripened peaches are the most amazing things in the entire world and are very difficult to come by unless you have your own tree!

My grandparents had the last peach crop of its kind in the country and I used to sit under it and become drenched in peach juice! They continued fruiting even after they were just strands of bark strapped to 2x4 blocks of wood and metal pipes. A year later, they were all dead. So sad. We can't grow them in this climate so no more peaches for me!

There are still some fruit trees in the city (apple, cherry) but often it's on rented property and it all just rots. Sometimes it is tempting to jump the fence and steal, but I can't imagine someone actually doing it!

I'm very sad to hear about the peach theft....I hope he or she gets a nasty case of the runs (tho' that wouldn't be saying much about the quality of those lovely peaches, which, I'm sure, were divine.) Next time the fruit come into season, post a sign on the tree with a picture of a hand picking a peach and a giant red "no" symbol...either that or a picture of yourself on the porch holding a rifle and "Make my day" written underneath (sorry, the visual of that is just too good.) The audacity of people is very disappointing. But, I do believe in karma, and maybe, just maybe, someone will learn their lesson....and that jar of preserves will manifest itself somehow.

You need a scarecrow in front of that tree with a sign "Genetically Modified Experimental Fruit - Unfit for Human Consumption" with some official looking seal from the State of Keep Your Filthy Paws Off My Produce. Add a disclaimer: Consumption of fruit may result in severe adverse effects, including but not limited to, stroke, heart attack, impotence, boils, hives, seizures and bad karma. I must confess, I have picked some lemons from trees, but there were tons on the ground so I figured the owner needed some help. Can't wait until SEWN is launched. Tweet tweet.

What kind of Orioles do you have? I have Baltimore Orioles in the winter here in NC. I feed them grape jelly. They love it!

haha! i love this post. :)

I was so into your story about the bird and all the animals that when I got to your strawberry vodka I thought the lime was a frog that had jumped in your glass. Wouldn't surprise me a bit. Now about the person STEALING your peaches. Put a note out there that the photo you got off your remote hidden camera was clear enough to give to the police. Nasty person nasty nasty!

in my next life I'm coming back as a bird in your back yard. or maybe a cat. oh to be taken care of. sigh

Plan A. Hang multiple bird feeding socks from the peach tree and train the birds to peck the heck out of poachers...problem solved! Oh yeah, and they won't peck you because you keep the socks full!

Plan B. Post a fake surveillance sign at the base of the tree...probably won't work...revert back to plan A.

totally sucks!

ROFL! Wait till you hear what the woodpeckers want!

I know nothing about feeding birds and plan to keep it that way. I only feed the cardinals and then they go bonkers and try to attack/mate with the image of themselves they see in the glass in our deck door. Silly teenagers. Now they all probably have bird brain injuries.

re those peach thieves, when I lived in Bangkok, mango thieves were very common and our maid's husband used to watch our tree like a hawk. Sometimes the thieves would climb our 6ft high cinderblock wal, hang over the edge of it and use a mango picker on a looong stick to try and get those goodies. http://preview.tinyurl.com/lchzlj4 The funny thing is mangoes were dirt cheap (to us) in Thailand.

Laughing at the bird circus! You are so accommodating!

Wow! A real docu-drama going on in your backyard! Really, though, it must be great fun watching all the happenings...I adore birds. Your photos are really wonderful...thanks so much for sharing. Peace to your heart, Sara

yeah the peach thief really teed me off, but i must admire their clever bold desire for good peaches. ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!! maybe theyll make peach preserves and leave me a jar on my front porch! maybe ill catch them in the act then invite them in for tea. maybe the would-be thief will turn out to be a motorcycle riding banjo playing travel writer and well end up running away together. and maybe while were out on our first adventure hell steal some mangoes and get caught and end up in a mexican prison. and then ill be sad, but remembering the peach incident, not too sad. and ill head home. and maybe on the plane next to me there will be a nice old lady wearing a red bonnet and carrying a basket of peach preserves and when we part ways shell hand over the basket. maybe that will happen.

You're so lucky to have all those beautiful birds around, and they are lucky to have you.
I'd love to be sitting on the porch with you, watching birds and cats, and drinking that drink!
Hope the peach thief gets a tiny bellyache.....I'm mean.

Loving the bird drama at your house. Peach thief, not so much. We have pineapple,avocado and mango thieves in our neighborhood. Actually had a person knock on door and request that he be given access to my avocado tree! That's pretty bold!
Sure wish I was signed up for Sewn but alas, no extra funds available. :-(


Hahahaha, I am a preschool teacher and your story about your birds reminds me of the If You Give A Mouae A Cookie books!!!! Those silly birds!!! But they are so fun to watch even though I am certain kitty finds life most unfair right now:) Just signed up for SEWN and am counting down the days until Thursday!!!

ok. RE: the birds... can you say codependent? Only speaking from experience. Harry and I have move every 80lb bird bath to try and make our feathered friends happy...
Re: peaches. I have a tree and it is visible from the street and every single year all the fruit gets stolen. And I LAUGH!!!
Why? Because that tree products the nastiest tasting peaches you ever had.
Karma can be instant.

I would be so PISSED if someone came into MY yard and stole my peaches, my favorite fruit. I can't even come up with any kind of prevention technique other than a video cam. That's just not right. Or you could call the Feds who seem to have a great way of surveilling every private citizen in the country and abroad.! Is this America????

The Orioles can drink the same nectar you provide for the hummers. I take one of the ports/flowers off my feeder to allow their larger bills access. My birding friend has a saucer type feeder that she puts out for the Orioles...no top on it. They empty it daily!!! I don't see any males among your Lesser Goldfinches, only females. They flock to my seed feeder and bird bath here in sweltering Las Vegas....117 yesterday, tied the record high. Hottest June on record. UGH

I definitely laughed out loud at that story! So it looks like Wyatt has caught Henri's malaise...or perhaps he already had it but was too laid back to even bother letting the world know!
Have a wonderful week and holiday, and a great class!

Leave it to you to run a bird circus! I'm envious of all your birds and feeders. We just moved to bear country and for the sake of all (us and the bears - i.e. "a fed bear is a dead bear")no birdfeeders allowed. Maybe a bear stole your peaches?! Love your photos and poor Wyatt grumbling about the bird circus.

Looking forward to the 4th for sew many reasons! (get it, sew LOL) any who, sorry about the peaches. We never get any because of the damn squirrels and this year the little buggers ate all of my porch tomatoes, too!!
Your drink sounds delightful.
See ya~

Now listen here kitties. No bird hunting allowed.

And what the heck? Someone came into your yard and STOLE your peaches? !?!?!?

I love the top photo especially! We had to eventually but a finch feeder because they tore a hole in the sock! Here in Asheville we get tit-mice and chickadees at the finch feeder too.

You captured all those birds so beautifully, those photos are amazing, especially the ones in mid flight.
I can't believe someone stole all your peaches that's absolutely horrible, but at least you had a few, fresh peaches are the best.

P.S. I agree with Hanna you should draw those birds and then show them to us.

A neighbor put up what cannot be described as anything other than a bird feeding condo -- all manner of different types of feeders on one tall pole. Out on our evening constitutional our neighbor told us in less than a week she'd bought more than 40 pounds of bird food. I think she was getting wise to the crafty bird ways! They are a sight to see all aswirl in her yard -- clamoring at the buffet.

How can your cat be so calm with all the bird antics going on? How awful to have all your peaches stolen!! I would be so upset!

Beautiful photos, kind of a bird studie... I hope you draw them!

Lol stroppy stubborn birds, bless them all. What a hoot (ha ha ha ha pardon the pun!!) of a post Mary Ann, thank-you sooooooo much for the fab pics and a huge giggle this sunny lunchtime. OMG what a*******s for nicking your gorgeous peaches, probably someone who could neither be bothered to grow or at least buy their own, despicable behaviour!!
Huge huggles sweetie x x x x

Wow, I've never considered fruit theft before! Perhaps they will choke which would be fitting. Love all your birdies! I'm building up a hummingbird section on my wall - so far successful. Absolutely nothing like the entertainment you've got going. Bravo. xoDonna

Enjoying the view, the birds, the watchful eyes of the cat posse and of course counting down the hours till SEWN, so sad that someone filched your peaches, now that is so not nice...glad you got a few to enjoy just the same...camped out and waiting for the doors to open on SEWN. xxooxx

ROFL! Your bird drama is hysterical. Sounds like something I would do.

Ohhh I hate it when people just walk into the yard and steal fruit you have been waiting all year for! It happens to our apricots and otanges often as well as when we used to grow veggies in the front yard. I am sorry to hear it happened to you too Mary Ann... especially those luscious peaches! At least you got a few to savor!
Your bird saga is hilarious! I can just imagine the competition out there for your yard in the bird world! LOL Great photos!
Hope it isn't too too hot for you there! We are melting with triple digits up here in Sacramento this week... supposed to be 111 in a couple of days! Yikes! You would think I was in Phoenix! I shall be melting... will have to try that cocktail, it looks delish!

And I thought I had bird problems. Nope. Not a whit, in comparison. I stand corrected. You have much more of a bird problem than I have ever dreamed of. You win. (And HAPPY to hand over the crown to thee am I!)

My, but aren't they pretty, though?

The 4th and the opening of the SEWN floodgates can not come soon enough for me. Are you enjoying torturing those of us signed on? Yes. Yes, I can see that you ARE.

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