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Sunday, June 02, 2013


Oh if only it were summer . . . but no! I can assure you that it is definitely winter and paynes grey with the occasional watery splash of a cool yellow are the order of the day.

Looking forward to what will most certainly be the best class of summer - presser foot down!

What a blessing to look at the colors of your paper and the peach. Luscious, warm, eyepleasing. Can't wait to enroll in your new class. Enjoy the sunny afternoon.

Yay!!! A new class!!! It looks delicious and so does the peach :)

hi maureen DINFUN PRO
thats the name of the font!!!

I was busy at a grandson's graduation this weekend so missed this post. (I love that boy!!!) I turned a slight shade of envious green over that luscious peach you generously...hrmph...shared with us. They aren't ready yet here on my east coast! I consider a peach THE fruit. The other pictures? while the papers etal are also gorgeous, linear me fell for the font! in peach no less.

Can you share the name of that one??

btw, if I listen to the most current KCRW 'Good Food' blog and hear they have the early crop of peaches at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, I'm sure I'll turn envy-green again. :(

Bliss! xodonna

You just colored my day!

CAN NOT WAIT!!! Jealous about that peach, BTW!

between that juicy peach and all that juicy paper, it's like feasting on the best of both worlds; nothing better than biting into a peach and feeling that trickle of juice running down your chin...YUM. I LOVE peachesand well the paper; that is feeding my constant and ever present creative hunger and I am over the moon excited about 'sewn' and excited to be attending summer school, gonna be a beach party without the pool or sand and surf, paint, glue, sewing machines and splashing around in waves of paper. Is there going to be some summer cocktails too, maybe, pretty please?!!! xxooxxx

I would love it if you never go back to your "real" job. You have lots and lots of students here on the internet, who love to take your classes! ! ! I can't wait for Sewn to start!

Thatns a yummy looking post!

really looking forward to this class. Was recently sewing some paper in a journal (thanks to your inspiration) & really have found it to be one of my favorite two mediums to work with! I've said it before, just watching you create-well, sign me up! Here I come SEWN! Love the name! Waiting for more!

I am sew, sew excited for SEWN!!!! Your classes are the best. xo

Oh my...I'm drowning in all that groovy color! IMpatiently waiting...

Love it . I want a peach

Wow what a great looking peach!! Oh and the papers are nice too... LOL

Can't wait!

Okay, I keep imagining a taco truck driving down your street playing mariachi music like an ice cream truck plays circus tunes. How does one know the taco truck is nearby?

Anxiously awaiting more info...xo

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