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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hello Norway bowl :)

Is that your tomato? Love your 1st day of summer pics...wow, summer already...I think time has just been flying by! Looking forward to signing up for SEWN next week. You are breaking new ground with this highly creative and original class and I would not miss it for the world! I am looking forward to dusting off the old Singer and finally putting it to good use. We are all going to have a blast!

P.S. I have got to get me some home grown tomatoes!

I mean summer here! Will 'preview' next time.

Yes, first day of summer her - officially. It's cold and wet and no one believes in summer anymore.

That's why it's a tonic and a treat to see your gorgeous pics.

So very, VERY happy you are able to take this break from working. I can't say 'teaching" as you are still doing that, just not in a formal classroom. It's a refreshing and relaxing break for you and a wonderful time for all your "peeps."


The view looks pretty awesome from here and it makes me feel wonderful knowing just how very much you are lovin' and enjoyin' your extended leave. You have earned it about a bazillion times over, me thinks.

I love you having this time for yourself, too!! very special and you are drinking it all in, how wonderful!

Such beauty that surrounds your days. Enjoy the time away to play each day. Loving your photos, wishing I could take you SEWN class too. Sigh. Thanks for giving a little peep into your world and a few glimpses of Sewn too.

and how we all love that you are loving it and becoming even MORE creative! YAY.


(hee hee)


So colorful! I love the pattern and colors of your bowl too. I love the idea of bookending your day with peaceful things. INSPIRING AS ALWAYS :)

enjoy your day!

I don't know if I have ever taken a break from teaching if I could return--especially if I were in your shoes with so many other talents. Loved all the pics of summer; it is gorgeous in southeast TN also!

And all your peeps love that you have the time to create classes for us! A win all around. I hope ou can continue.....

Hopefully you can come up with a idea so the FREEDOM will continue. Can't wait for SEWN to begin, yeah for color and patterns. Ideas are percolating

I thought You´d gone hibernating (or how you spell it) MAM, was missing you all the time, and there you were enjoying all your awake hours. Mennsch, Sorry that I cant take the SEWNclass right now, but just you wait. AND you got me drawing again, thnx. Love from Sweden =)

PS: I harbour fugitives. shhhhhh D

Leave of absence slash sabbatical, slash break, slash run away and never go back. It's called freedom! Enjoy! xoDonna

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