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Saturday, June 01, 2013


I totally agree with all readers that we will support your endeavors to keep you out of the classroom and in our lives more - pinky swear to it!

Is Corky a siberian? I had a Norwegian Forest cat and he looked SO much like Corky. I got him when I lived in Sweden and brought him home with me. It was before digital, so I don't have photos to post (not many) but he was my first child. LOVED LOVED LOVED his furry self.

You TOTALLY need to lose that stressful job and keep us in eye candy and classes. I will take each and every class you throw at me. promise.

Anticipation levels rising quickly.

Oh the gluggy, gorgeous, wild windy, rain on the roofy, cat on the bed JOY of a new class!! And for me it will be a great way to spend the winter... well the bits of it when I am not in college.. woohoo!! Cobwebs definitely need clearing :)

dusting off the sewing machine, just got new needles!!!!

Can't wait! This dried up brain needs it!

Corky!!! Oh my! Is this your new cat? I don't recall a Corky in the Cat Posse.

I've just finished reading The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry...OMG, people don't let this one slip by you...it's one to be read and cherished. One of the best I've read in ages and I did it in one sitting! Lovely debut book by Rachel Joyce, can't wait for her next one that she is supposed to be writing...

LOVE! xodonna

Can't wait for your new class. Have my Project Runway sewing machine primed and at the ready. Will the thags involve the use of pasta or toilet paper rolls? Jess wonderin what type of thang supplies to stock up on. Corky makes a beautiful Cheshire cat....wondering what she is thinking perched up in that tree?

I can't wait. I am ready to press the Pay Now button. Love your classes a lot Mary Ann.

A NEW CLASS!!!! Can't wait!!!!!

Ditto ditto ditto!

O lordie look at that cat! I bet it is a disguised malamute sledge dog. I am getting curious about the new class. Happy to learn that there is at least a little book involved. The stitching part sounds good aswel. And what a good timing. We always can use a bit of summer schooling.

From the response and excitement of your news, I think we maybe able to help fund your extended recess from your teaching gig. So many of us want to sign up sight unseen. Keep feeding the frenzy with your daily morsels. Loving it!

L O V E C O R K Y, have 3 Sibirians myself, But LOVE your "stuff" too, give Corky a kiss on the nose from me, SEEEE you

this is very exciting Mary Ann, thank you for putting in so much work to make a summer class full of scrumptious paper ideas! Can't wait for it. If I make it to LA in the next few years I shall come by your house and cuddle Corky for an entire hour. Soooooo much furry cuddle-able-ness is irresistible!

Hi Corky, I like your arm warmers. They are a nice compliment to your leg warmers.

I have been reading your blog entries all evening....I love your writing ....did you teach writing? Anyway you have a way with words....and fun to read like a real visit! Your blog is the FIRST ONE I WANT TO GO TO THESE DAYS....lots of spontaneous joy....in color!! I am LOVING the new big journal and all those patterns and color!! I really love doodling and playing with color ....have for years...but am free from performing to sell my art....now just to play and enjoy....soooo I want to take one of your classes....or more before SEWN comes up....Never made a serious journal with all those stitches but have all the supplies and some old covers waiting for my hands....so which class should I take first?

Probably the best news that could be found on the Internet !!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! What a great way to start the summer!! Thank you thank you thank you !!!

soooooooooooooooo sewnnnnnnnnly excited I can't stand it. I'm happy dancin and prancin and having a blast just at the thought of all these 'thangs' you intend to pull out of your sleeve, artsy magician that you are who needs a rabbit out of a hat when one has a pile of paper and paint in front of them..now that is magic I say. Abracadabra!!!!! Wingo, Wammo, BOFF! POOF! xxooxx

That would be "tail"...

Is Corky part raccoon? That tale!!

VERY INTERESTED!!!! I will look forward to SEWN....thangs and stuff!! WOOHOO>

The fun abounds!

looking forward to your new class!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to hear more about your new class! I have to post photos of my latest book!

You've got me all "sewn" up with curiosity! I can't wait to find out what this next adventure will be. I like the way you tour guide!

sounds super enticing, cant wait for more details xx

Here's MY one-word reaction to your upcoming class: HELLyeah!
okay...that's TWO.

Are you seriously considering not going back? I have fingers crossed and hope in my heart that you can do this. It gave me chills when I read that sentence - you go girl!! I'm on Day 8 of my mini-sabatical and I've loved every minute of it. Can't believe how much I've accomplished!
Erin in Morro Bay

Prancercise. BAHAHAHA!!!

I did my prancercize yesterday. But not in a tree.

Good for you!!! I say stay away from the school thing come January and make lots of classes...how about some workshops with you in person? I'll pay! xoxoxoxo

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