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Thursday, June 27, 2013


catching up. CATching up. drawing something while looking at sweet Buck.
I wasn't going to comment on every freaking post but then I remembered what my mama used to call a hoo-haw. She didn't call it holy, although I suppose that would fit.

I have to finish drawing before it's time to leave work.


or, Hoo Haw!

Oh sweet Buck. Our Figaro, who looked just like Buck would have been 18 too. Her 4 daughters still live and they just turned 16. Hard to make it here in coyote canyon.

Oh, I can't wait to start SEWN "summer camp for creatives". All your photos (and cocktails) looks so yummy I might just start early by getting out my neon thread and playing with my machine. Buck Angel will be hovering over the class I'm sure.

Aw, I love the picture of Buck. I sure do miss his antics. I think I'll capture some pics of my black kitty, Shadow, so he can be a part of my SEWN book too.

I always love seeing your cats and was sad when Buck went. I adopted a rescued cat in January and I love her so. She might make it into my journal too. I am so inspired by you.

regular weight, but i might have 1 quilting weight in there. doesnt matter which you use :-)

Mary Ann...do you use quilting thread or regular wt. thread? Susan

My Sebastian is out there with Buck and Orcie. Sebastian is the one always suggesting a nap. I think I see a storybook ahead...

Ahh the excitement builds.........why is it taking so long to get to the 4th??

Good to see Buck........handsome as ever!

Ah. Your Buck, my Orcie. Never far away, are they, those special boys of ours?


Neeeee-on pink. too good. Just saw a new line of neon sharpies at Aaron Brothers art supply. Sew pretty....(yikes)
I just yanked my entire Wall Of Inspiration DOWN and tossed everything into a BIG box. Yeah, I'm just waitin to see what we do in class...
The W.O.I. was replaced with framed prints and stuff, like an adult wall.
what's come over me?

by the way, your Buck looks fab in his stitchy glory. That was one HANDSOME baby. You can see how loved that boy was...IS.

Hi Buck - nice to see you again. Glad you're coming along for the ride too.

I just finished sewing a shirt that has been laying on my sewing table for many months, waiting to be finished. Now that's done, and I'm ready to join you in the Sewn class! Yea!

I miss Buck. I'm glad you pretty-uped his photo.

funkydory-superlicious-serendipitous and whoooooo hoooooo hoooooo good golly Miss Mary Ann, I'm warmin' up the machine, got ma spurs on for kickin up the foot pedal into overdrive and am rip roarin' ready to ride off into the 'sewn' sunset with ya... hot doggity boooyaaaaaa...xxxoooxx

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