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Friday, June 21, 2013


Books-I'm reading He's Gone by deb Calettinand really enjoying it! Excellent character descriptions. Next in my book que is The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gamin, who I think is da bomb. Easily crosses over from youth to adult prose!

Donna to quote Dan eldon, the journey is the destination

Where's the hamster? He will be missing his wheel! OK, just one questions. Does this 'book' we are going to end up with have a 'purpose' ... or is this simply purposeless fun? Need to prepare my mind as it tends to prefer purpose, however can be talked into no purpose given time. Good lines like - 'just pretty', a collector's item (my brain likes that one), unique patterns with no particular use (my brain could also accept that one with a little coaxing). Just sayin' ..... have fun -== or that's it ... it's just supposed to be FUN. OK, brain is happier now - fun is purposeful! xodonna

How many days until July 4th? We don't have to wait until it is dark outside do we?

What a co-inky-dink! I'm headed to the deck right now to enjoy my favorite cocktail,a lemon drop martini...yummmmmmmmmy! I infused the vodka and the simple syrup with lots of lemon zest and it's amazing! Besides, I need a break from pattern pinteresting! Yikes, that's a time suck! I'm getting so excited and inspired, can't wait until Independence Day

Enjoy every second, can't wait to see what you've rolled out for us in 'sewn', those scraps look very enticing and inspiring. I've got a blue 'fizzy lifting drink' (favorite line from Willy Wonka circa 70's) waiting for me. A hugish storm just passed through so we've been watching from the garage till just now. I had to go 'dark' shut down all the computers for a bit due to heavy lightening and more is on the way we've been told. Lighting candles, finding flashlights and hoping we don't loose power.

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