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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Paint is the word I am looking for. Lovely color schemes. Keep up the good work!

Love the fleurs and drawings/paintings. Wild colors that make me smile.

The world is even more beautiful through your eyes.
Some mighty fine painted papers here.
And that Hibiscus... tiny red flower surrounded by tinier yellow buds, presented on peachy apricot orange huge petals. Oh my!

PS: I've been trippin on your trips , especially Venice and Spoleto as I lived in Italy for 9 mos when I was 20 (a lifetime ago) and have been to both places. Thanks for the adventure.

Photos are fabulous! Love the leaves, thinking about painting those and the hibiscus too! SO beautiful, the colors are just yummy. Loving your BA journal pages! Happy Weekend!

Are you writing in your visual journal, or is Big Red another type of journal? Inquiring minds wanna know. Always a pleasure to visit your creative circus.

I see Dr P.H. Martin colors on your desk top. Always yummy, I have two sets, very very old; some are even just crystals in the bottle but I can't toss them yet. Maybe I'll use them again. Good choice for grabbing those insane hues in your back yard!

Beautiful as usual. Are you going to offer any classes about the sketching? I really would pay just to watch you create these pages.

I thoroughly enjoy these peeks at the going-ons in and outside of Moss cottage. There are smiles to be found when I make my online trek to your door and happily sit just taking it all in. You've not only got a green thumb but it's orange, and pink and red and purple and blue and the rest of the rainbow too. xxooxx

Yum - on the hibiscus and the sketch pages - such wonderful color on all of it. I'm glad to be out of Oklahoma and living in Montana, but I worry about friends still living there in the "danger zone". It seems most years our OK town was hit by a tornado at some point, most not like this EF5, but always destructive. In fact our town was hit the day before this big one, but mostly it was roofs, trees, power poles, etc that were damaged.

Your flowers take my breath away! I am gasping at the beauty, I wish I could crawl inside that color!

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