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Friday, May 24, 2013


WHATTT!!!! A Moss sister moving to Albuquerque? That means other Moss sisters will be visiting Albuquerque? What fun! I can show you all the good shit here, PM me for my phone, I'll help a sistah out.

Absolute delight! want to come over and play! xodonna

Love, love, LOVE your big new journal and it's happy bright pages! Looks like it was worth the extra trouble to make it so big! Yay!

But, but, but...Didn't Dottie just move to San Diego a short time ago? And now she's leaving for NM???? Certainly not as booteeful as San Diego, my old home town. Is she a rolling stone who gathers no Moss?

Paint, pillows, purring = perfection! Okay, I'm a day late but I'm ready to go, gonna get my paints out (okay, who am I kidding? they don't get put away any more!) and play in my visual journal and pretend I'm having a play date with MA and Pam at Moss Cottage!

Happy colors, journal pages, moss cats and fairy princess moss herself. These pages make me as happy as the pillows on the couch, signals nap time. Paint, nap, dance in the sun, enjoy your weekend.

Did I miss something? Are you on sabbatical or did you quit your day job? Any advice appreciated!

Ha ha...my cursor stopped over the mortal enemies pic...I have one cat limping with a leg bite and the other preening like a parrot here at my hacienda.

LOVE the color! Love the kitties. You made me very happy with all those happy, lama lama ding dong photos! What do you have in store for my Saturday???

I love the colors in your new big journal. LOVE those kitties & their footies, too!

That first picture is juicy!! Not a strawberry sundae - more like a sea salt chocolate caramel one. I'm off for the next 10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Erin in Morro Bay

That journal is scrumptious!

Not only is it Friday of a 3 day weekend, it is the Friday before the last week of school that is really only 4 days because of the holiday! Bet you don't miss the last week of school before vacay at all do ya MaryAnn? hahahahaha

I can't get enough of your sketch/paint journals! Love that yellow and pink combination...and your fuzzy, sleepy kitties. I like the journaling in your visual journal. too.

Oh! Yes, those colors together would have me floating as well. They're so lovely! Now you have me wanting to dive into paint when I should be doing other things!

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