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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I could faint from that red flower thing. Shut up. What pen do you use? I'm sure you've said here, so youdon't have to answer,but seriously. I love my zig pen, even though I neglected it for a year or so. But the point is: this red page with textures and lines and everything.

You know, commentor Heidi has a good point - have you considered uploading designs on Spoonflower so we can buy them in yummy fabric form? Might be another income stream? You know we want to keep you from dread dismal scholastic employment. You totally have balls with that Sharpie pen use - that is the mark of an artist who has successfully mastered the courage for the whole 'letting go of the outcome' which is so very important, and precisely where great work comes from.

I am old, I love opera..that could have been me just checking on you. Watch out..Love.

I know where that park is. Love the final rose garden sketch. Clever girl.

Love the sketches and views of the park. I love days like that!

pictures of the park are beautiful as are your sketches. At the very least you make us think of the many possibilities thank you I always look forward to receiving your posts!!
PS where is this park?

enjoying the view from here! Your sketches are amazing as usual. Fun and loose and playful, pens and paint having a wild party together. xxooxx

What a wonderful day!

Terrific pages Mary Ann! I should do more 'field trips' like that...

Seems like a perfect day :0)

hi jan they are RAD LABBED - i used various filters in PSCS5. super fun!

Sounds like the perfect morning! I'm off to my favourite cafe to journal and then to walk on the beach - and on what would normally be a work day! I love it!!!
Erin in Morro Bay

The two stylized-flower journal pages are fabulous!

Lovely! "how sweet it is to do nothing and then relax afterwards."

I love the water color with lots of white. Very pretty!

Ooh what a gorgeous park, looks so very chilled out!! I love your roses sweetie, beautifully done.
Huge hugs x

The last sketch/painting would make gorgeous fabric. I would buy yards and yards of it and make a simple quilt.

mary ann, thanks for Tuesday's link to the watercolor/negative space tutorial....and your newest sketches are wonderful examples! I love city/town/rural parks, such a wonderful treat, just like the public library! I saw an older gentleman doing tai-chi in front of Whole Foods over the weekend....he was definitely in his personal zone.

yikes it will be June, soon....you need to take us on another California road trip.....

Love it, so inspiring, ready to go now.
Will instagram later =)
have a really good day now.

The photos are so pretty! Did you use a filter or are they instagrammed? Love the effect.

You just wrote about my dreamiest of all dreamiest days!!! Love what you are doing. I am normally a silent reader of your blog, but now just wanted to let you know that you made me sooo happy with your post! Unfortunately it is raining, and raining here, no way to get out today...
Have a great and dreamy day! - Irma

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