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Thursday, May 30, 2013


I took my reading glasses along on my recent PNW holiday, because I have achieved that age...and said at least six times a day "um...have you seen my reading glasses?" or variant on theme. So I got to my sister's house (the one who lives in Olympia WA) and what does she do? She ran off with my glasses! I said to her, "Sorry, but I think those are mine.." she stared at them for a while as if to determine the veracity of this statement. Finally concluded that we DO both indeed get our readers from Michaels - $2.75 a pair. Clearly you and I may have this same reading glass relationship also. Just sayin'.

Photos are amazing!! The stems look like a tasty dessert!! I love your rug too!! xo amy

Gorgeous photos! I love your house, it's so full of light!

Oh, I love these pics. I may not comment often, but I do read and there is that place in my heart where you are.

fluffing - in my blood too these day. Your fluffing is looking spectacular. Coffee on??? Plane warming up. xoDonna

Lovely. These early days of summer are perfect for fluffing the nest. As always, thank you for sharing.

The juxtaposition of the living room photo with that of the sink of soapy water threw me. The shadow at the top right of the sink and the white throw fit well enough to make me think they were part of the same picture; that perhaps you had crawled out the window to sight in on the view of the sink with living room in background. But no, they are two separate things.

I love miscues, whether in reading, hearing or seeing. I entertain myself that way

Love the sweet peeks at the goings on in Moss cottage and the pattern on those plates is awesome. Simple pleasures on a soggy day here in MN so I'm enjoying the sunny 'seeds' of fluffing and nesting that you've shared. You have a wonderful nest to call home. xxooxx

When are you going to get your raised veggie beds installed in that barren front yard? Just think of all the yummy carrots you could grow;)

Looking at your glasses makes me really wish I needed to wear them.....

Nest fluffing is a bit contagious. Thank you.


hi joan -

that is called a SUZANI and it is turkish from istanbul. i bought several when i was there. its not a quilt, but rather a densely embroidered cloth. i love them and they remind me of my time in istanbul :-)

I am so impressed that you corral all your reading glasses in one place! Mine are everywhere...and nowhere!

So lovely! One of the precious places I hope to visit sometime is Moss Cottage...but then again, it's been nearly 25 years since I was in L.A. Maybe I'm due for a visit...but don't hold your breath. If I had a bunch of money to spend in the wonderful fodder shops, flea markets, thrift shops, etc., then I'd think twice about it.
Anywho ~ my epis are SLOWLY starting to bloom. Fending off the occasional snail (I haven't a clue how they get up where the plants are) and minor infestations of aphids daily. We'll see how far the flowers get before giving up and dropping off.

The quilt on the wall...I AM DYING!!! I wish I knew more about it... who did it, where did it come from, is it appliqued ? I looks to be a top of a quilt.... not quilted into 3 layers . It is FABULOUS. I am hoping one day you will take a close-up picture of it. Or you could just send it to me !!!!!! HA

What a pretty nest it is! I'm thinking it would be fun to live in that nice looking blue house at the bottom of the hill across the street from you, we could send each other messages using semaphore flags and flashlights (or tin cans and string, if that proved to be too complicated after a martini or two), in between art making sessions. :)

Love the nest fluffing. What a lovely plant with the red stems and the waterdrops on it. Great soft colors on those two. I love the glasses and the room with a view. Gosh, I like it all. It all looks so fresh and gentle. Well done. Even your dishes look artistic. How do you do it?

me too a big fan of readingglasses (yes we kall them so unless they are for constant use) . Today was good, you seem to have order in your nest, enjoy =)

wonderful photographs -- love the eyeglasses!

these photos are edible.

Big sigh of happiness for you and the way you're making the most of this time!
Erin in Morro Bay

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