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Friday, May 31, 2013


YAY!! I am in line already!!

I am loving it!!!!! Can hardly wait.

Cant wait to see Mary ann. Always brilliant!!

Oh to the Em and golly Gee, sounds exciting!!


can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!! xodonna

I'm in for sure! Thanks Mary Ann - Keep us posted!

Hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry...I can't wait...hurry hurry hurry, etc.

How EXCITING!!! Can't wait to hear more Mary Ann!!!! Your classes are always AWESOME!!!

oooooh! can't wait to see what the latest MAM creation is. you are such a tease. now you will have us all on pins and needles to you fess up to what you are doing.


woops there Went my holiday out West, have to get some new colorful thread for the machine though.....=)happily ever after

Can't wait to hear more!!

woohoo! Can't wait.

I have paper and I have a not-used-in-30+-years-sewing-machine. Perhaps I qualify.

I'm IN!!!! all IN!!! can't stand the wait, and it's not even half past Friday yet. I'm just going to settle in right here till you post each and every detail. If it's nifty, spiffy journal you've posted pics of...well then that makes it a MUST DO no matter what else comes along. Paint, paper, sewing what is not to love I ask you? Pretty please roll out the details fast cuz I won't sleep a wink till then. ;)

Where is the I BUY THIS button???? ;) waiting and hoping for this. Count me in!

I'm hooked already, Mary Ann, you're a troublemaker of the very BEST kind!

O Hell yeah!!!, I am ready when you are. I love those scalloped pages. Yeah! Don't you dare NOT keep us posted!!!! Grin.

Will there be a bright and refreshing summer cocktail?
What a fabulous thing to look forward to...I'm all about it!

I'm in. I have lurked about your site long enough. Time to make the journaly!! Plus you love the Rose Chintz china pattern as much as I do! CAN'T WAIT TO BEGIN.

Oh man oh man, that is perfecto for Summertime! Can't wait!

yaaayyy! i can already tell this is going to be awesome! i'm so in and i can't wait!!

Looks like a bunch of summertime fun coming our way! Love the luscious colors! Yum! Can't wait.

Oh, squee indeed!!!

That is all.

Whew! Gorgeous and looks like so much fun. Your star filled brain never ceases to amaze me.

Wahoo! Cannot. Even. Wait.

Can't wait. :) !!!

dancing right now!

Yes please!
I'll also happily take any available position at the Idea Factory!
My day job stinks!
Thank you for considering me for the position ( whatever it may be!) !
I require only sneak peaks, crafting play dates & journal making sessions for compensation!
Throw in some coffee, dark chocolate & red wine to-well actually, I'll bring those things in my lunch box to share!
Can't wait to know MORE!

We couldn't expect less! Awesome!

Oh you tease you! Dangling bait in front of our eyes. Leaving us wanting more...

oh this looks awesome!!!!

Naturally this has sent thrill waves ricocheting across the mixed media community - I'm sure you are up on this.

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