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Friday, March 29, 2013


Hmmm.. I've been missing the boat. On my Mac, I just add RSS feeds to my email, though I prefer it when blogs allow me to subscribe by email. However, I may give a reader a try for those times when I go out of town or have company and get very behind in my reading. It would be nice to have them out of my inbox!

How fun growing your own little potted garden will be! You picked some delicious things to grow! Cilantro.....love me some cilantro..... I know this has nothing to do with your beautiful new garden, but I found little packs of washi tapes (Recollection brand) at Michaels a two-pack for $1.49. I got some lovely lovely colors, and I am surprised at how well they stick, they seem to stick better than some of my others. If you want to see the colors I got let me know and I'll send you a pic.

I have a tomato plant growing too; bought the same variety last year and it produces quite a few lovely little cherry tomatoes. I have mine inside a screened off area of the porch so the fruit isn't eaten by dachshunds! Also some basils in the backyard because they grow really well here in FL. Pesto for everyone!

I've had feedly for a few days now and haven't completely fallen in love with it although of the ones I've tried it's the best. I was just used to Google reader. But I guess I'll get used to feedly, too...and then they'll go away!!

I don't use a feed...does that make me a dinosaur?

Last year was the first one I didn't grow tomatoes of my own in probably 20 years.

Thanks for this. I've had Feedly on the outskirts of my radar, so to speak, for a replacement, too. A replacement I'd rather not be making, really. Maybe I'll love it like you and others here do...
I'm still wondering each day if there has been/will be more snow over here. Longing for light and warmth. Longing.

melanie, in CHROME there is an invisible icon at the bottom right of your pages. hover over it and youll see an arrow. click and a bunch of social media options will come up. click on the FEEDLY icon. it will say preview this source in feedly SHAZAM youre in! Ive noticed this doesnt seem to work on sites that arent blogs. I suppose for those it would just be a matter of cutting and pasting the feed directly over at FEEDLY. You can also click on the RSS feed icon and if you use FEEDLY as your reader it will take you there automatically. In SAFARI my feedly button is at the top left of my browser window. You can cut & paste the URL then click that little button and add manually.

I went with Feedly -- I couldn't even figure out bloglovin!
I really like "reeder" -- which I used on my ipad, but they don't have it for PC, so I needed something for that.
But I agree -- Feedly is more like flipboard -- very beautiful. But I don't plow through my feds as fast. Maybe that's a good thing?

good golly lovin all that greenery sproutin and poppin out of the soil. Indeed, CA provides the perfect ingredients for early plantin' I'll admit tho to NOT having a green thumb, not even close...green paint is about as close as I can get...will have to check out feedly...... hmmmmmmm

Now the hard part to the kitchen garden. you have to train the moggies(cats to you) to keep the birds from pecking every tomato and fruit that appesa. The guardians will tend to fall asleep on the jog and worst still wander off.

I left Google Reader when they said they were shutting down and went to Bloglovin. I love Bloglovin. It is clean and easy and that is what I need. The others seem too fiddly with too many choices. I don't need categories and sub categories etc. Just straight forward, let me know when a blog is updated.
I am jealous that you have veggies in the ground already! we are still battling frost even in the south.
Good luck to everyone on their reader sites, whatever they choose.

I can't figure out how to add sites quickly, lol. Not sure what I am not seeing? But other than that, I love feedly. They have definitely bridged the gap that google reader will leave.

So glad you recommended the book "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry". I am about a third of the way through-loving it!

I agree that Feedly is better than the others I've tried - I tried The Old Reader and was underwhelmed. Almost time to plant a few tomatoes around here (Seattle). Need to wait for the sun to show up a little more regularly before setting them out.

Switched to Feedly a couple weeks ago. Tried a few others and nothing else was close. I do love Feedly -- although it is more difficult to unsubscribe to blogs than Reader was...not a big deal, though, considering all the other pluses.

I installed a 2'x 6' old redwood garden bed on my rock lawn a couple weeks ago -- have several types of lettuce, various Asian greens, cilantro, oregano, parsley, spinach and beets growing. Will not attempt tomatoes this year (did last year) because it's just not hot enough here. If it did get hot enough, I'd grow eggplant for sure. I've been teaching myself how to cook Thai food!

Have a splendid weekend, my friend. xo

Interesting...I just added Feedly on Weds, but had a bit of an issue adding sites on my iPad. I'm not home so I'll have to check it again on my iMac. Mostly, I've been happy having the blogs I read ON my blog, but I wanted to change that. I want visual not just words telling me what's new.

btw, that German trip was my least favorite of the many we've taken over the past ten years. Least favorite for many reasons, none of which included the riverboat staff.

Thanks for the Feedly tip...I've been wondering what to do when Google Reader bites the dust! And a kitchen garden is such a great idea, especially when LA 's climate is so cooperative. Off to check out Feedly now...

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