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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Forgot to mention that I went to the Whole Foods today for some liquid calcium citrate (supposed to help with sleep) and while there bought some Blue Moon and Guiness beer. If the calcium citrate doesn't work, maybe the beer will.

I don't like to be a downer, but even though yellow is one of my favorite colors, it's not a favorite on computer sites, it's very hard on the eyeballs...listen to me telling you what to do with YOUR BLOG! The nerve, eh? Just putting in my tupence worth.

I love your drawings and love the likenesses you've created of sister and you. Try this experiment: Do a blind contour drawing with your .05 sakura fine liner....where you don't take up the pen from the paper, you don't look at the paper, just draw what you see...it gives great hand to eye coordination...and forces you to actually "see" what you're drawing instead of left brain filling in the space...I revert back to this exercise often.

Pizza without a beer is like having an English tea without a cuppa - It's just gotta happen! So glad to see you enjoying your break Mary Ann, and enjoying it with someone who knows you so well, she chose your cottage...and BTW, your yellow is warming my heart in anticipation of Spring.

Love the outlines you are doing on stuff!! Oh that lunch is gorgeous. My dream lunch for sure. It has all my favs. pine nuts, red onions, figs, bleu cheese and BLUEMOON..my go to beer. Oh I forgot the chicken, it does add something to that other combo. Mouth watering.

You are having such an enjoyable, delightful time of it right now. Savoring, and we are getting to savor it along with you. So great!

The pizza sounds weird and delicious at the same time!

no shame is being a 50 year old blogger who drinks beer with her lunch I say! and there's always Blue Moon in my fridge, so if you're ever in the neighborhood... (they're even good when you DO need to return to work!) xo

I'll have the same pizza as you do. How neat that your friend knew that Moss Cottage was destined to become Moss Cottage.
Hmmm, the yellow stripes? Dunno... Why not one of your lovely paint works out of your sketch book? Where you do circles or squares or all the other things you do with water color? The stripes are a bit... stripy... I am convinced that you can do better, more Mary Ann. Of course, I know, part of you is all stripy too. Grin. So foggit I said it.
We all need friends! Old friends are like a box of dark Belgian Chocolates, comfort when comfort is needed.

Isn't your other fav color going to get jealous of all the YELLOW?
Orange you glad I asked?
That beer looked mighty tasty!

Did someone say figs and blue cheese - OMG - smelling salts required. Having lunch with the cause of Moss Cottage after all these years - pretty special. Loving your life style, MA. Yellow stripes are a go as well. xoDonna

Loving the cheerful yellow and the stripes are fabulous. So glad you're having fun.

Isn't it special to have beer with lunch, what fun, continue to do what you want. Now is the time to jump (over grass of course), laugh and sing.

Ah yes retirement is a great excuse for a wine lunch. Nice place and you cottage is wonderful.

Yay! I am in your blog!! I was so excited to see my face when I opened up your page today. You and I have to get together way more often than we have. It's our duty as old friends to do so. Next time, I am having a blue moon also!

"now that i have yellow diagonal stripes"
That's what I call a HIGHLY original tattoo!

The happiest of days ever, or so it would appear for you, those eats looks mighty, mighty good and I am tickled yellow, orange with a little pink thrown in for good measure, over the moon, happy for you that Lianne hooked you up with Moss Cottage, cuz it's presence; with you in it, has brightened my world a gazillion times over.

I continue to have a massive girl-artist-crush on you. Your happiness is infectious and that beer is beautimous! Hooray for another awesome day of your wonderful, well-deserved sabbatical! And...okay...hooray for yellow, too!

this pizza looks so delicious!! You are having so much fun on your sabbatical--


Am loving the blog revamp! You're gettin' your groove on now!! Granville was one of my husbands and my stomping grounds before we moved a little too far away to stomp there on a regular basis. Keep on keepin' on!

that's fine.
My turn: figs with balsalmic drizzled over proccuitto on cheese(no red sauce) pizza.
love the blog in transition -always a surprise while you are moving furniture around.

Ahhh, Burbank. land of my childhood. Say hello to the Verdugo mountains for me, please.

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