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Saturday, February 02, 2013


Hey MaryAnn,
I hope these guys start having new customers arrive daily....
I wish I lived nearby, I would gladly support their businesses.
Its so incredibly difficult to operate a retail store in 2013 --
I owned a rubber stamp & paper art store in Pennsylvania at the turn of the 21st century...my customers were my joy,
but I never made a dime....employees/vendors/utilities/rent ate every penny. Holly

Thank you for posting this. I found it at Hoffman Land. I watched it and cried. I can't wait to take a day trip all by myself, linger, find allthe great places you keep telling us about. Thanks again.

Thank you, Mary Ann, and Connie, whom you credit. I found the link from Lisa H. and posted the video today. A friend with a rubber stamp store in Claremont - also an old-school letterpress fan - and I are doing what we can to reach more potential customers, get the word out. So glad you shared this.

MAM meet up at these stores. Someone in LA, post a time and date and get everyone there. I would, but I am a plane ride away! I want to hear all about it, maybe a video, definitely some photos. Please take these folks a case of water and some sandwiches too. Love them so, so much!

I foresee a trip to LA in the near future. Can't wait to get back home and watch this in full. Sadly, a slow net connection here in Boston.

WOW. Ok so as I'm watching this my dd is washing up her breakfast dishes, I'm making audible comments, like 'amazing', then 'no way, can't be true', as I continue to watch my excitement builds to overflowing. She asks me what I'm watching and comes closer to see, my 19 yo artist/photographer daughter in training (code) for in college; she is in awe too. I exclaim that we are going to get in my car and make the drive to LA. I say 'your dad won't mind too much. He can fend for himself for a week'. I think we have enough gas to get there and then I say we'll have to ask Miss Moss if we can't sleep on her floor, or we'll just hunker down on a beach somewhere at night, but of course this won't really happen but if there was even a slight chance that we could visit these 2 amazing shops, we'd do so in a heartbeat. It if was the only place I could visit I'd be happy. REALLY. If I lived in LA, regardless of the legendary traffic snarls and mayhem, if I had to sit in my car for hours I would find a way to get there. So if they don't get a stampede of people in the next few days I will simply fall over in disbelief. Supporting local craftsmen is becoming a rarity in this world and that is so sad, because when all of these amazing people (there are others out there too) leave their place in the world, there is going to be a void so vast and so huge it will be impossible to fill. There will be a hole in this world. So if you are living in LA, take a day off and visit this magical place. I know I wouldn't hesitate.

Oh my gosh! Would love to visit the paper store! It's too bad that they don't market by internet. I would buy the paper in a second...and I do agree with Donda. .19C for paper of that quality? Wow...Michaels is nice, and expensive and the quality not that great sometimes.

WOW! How great are these 2 places. Still using the systems of yester year. Thanx for sharing, Mary Ann

Just lovely.

Thanks for sharing this video. I will definitely patronize the paper store on my next trip to LA.

What a wonderful, touching story. That shop is so cool, how I wish I lived close to visit and purchase some papers....they were beautiful! Maybe this video will bring more people in to the stores. It's on my list, if only I can get over to LA one of these days.
Thanks Mary Ann and Connie.

Beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Thank you for posting. We are blessed in Ann Arbor to also have a wonderful paper store, but I've noticed the past few years that they too have been struggling. I think I just might have to put my boots on and go buy some paper today!

By the way...19 cents for that paper? Does he know that would be at least 50 to 75 cents at Michael's?

Oh my goodness how cool. I will have to check it out next time I'm in California. Thanks Mary Ann.

Oh don't you just wish you could get down there with buckets of money and begin to distribute world wide for these people. Such craftsmanship -- It drives me wild and so much of it is being lost. Just the sound of the machines and the passion of the owners ... 'sigh' ... wish I was closer. Beautiful video - thanks for sharing and thanks for sending, Connie. So enjoyed. xoDonna

Love this and will get down there and do some shopping!

Beauty-Full vid. I hope there will be many LA chimps who go along and support the good businesses of these hearty men!
Thanks for posting. Thanks, Connie, too, for sending even tho you were afraid!

So glad you liked this! -- I was afraid it would be old news for you.

Its been nearly forty years since I've been to McManus & Morgan (back in my LACC days), thanks so much for the reminder of this gem!

Mary Ann-

Wouldn't it be fantastic if a group of people could do something similar to this for the shops:


If I didn't live so far away I would be there in a heartbeat!

Be still my beating heart! This thrills me! On my 'do' list when I get back out that way. I don't know when, but will! So few are those that stay true! I will look for these gentlemen on line to support them, their work & the history they preserve. I LOVE IT!

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