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Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Aren't we lucky to be walking in the sunshine? Beach walks with their sound track of waves hurrying in and whispering back out are something I require often.

sketch war wednesday!!! sisters, i wanna play toooooooooo... xoxox

Yum! Crack bacon! I'm trying to pare down my derriere so bacon isn't on the authorized foods list but that sure does sound like it might be worth it anyway!

There are so many things I miss about the LA area, and we have been gone for 20 years. Would love to be there. But you need to go to Manuals "El Tepiac" (spelling?) in LA before it is no more, and tell me all about it...

hi laura - i used sketchbook pro on my ipad. super duper fun!

Add this to the long list of why I need to go to LA soon. I'm trying to behave, but LA and San Diego are always pulling on my heart. How did you draw on your photos? I love the way they look!

Oh, how I wish I could hang out with you for a day or two. What fun we'd have! xo

That looks way better than the bowl of wheat chex, wheaties, and cheerios all mixed together,with sliced bananas and sugar and sprinkled with a spoon of granola for that little extra umph that I had for breakfast. I am sending you a good character to draw for sketch war wednesday!

MMMMM, looks good. Even the crack bacon does. What a lovely little place. I kind of like the scribblings you made on the photographs. Gives it a special feel.
Thanks for sharing your lunch with us!

Hmmmm ... your post somehow took me back to the 50's. I'm on our annual summer road trip to 'the states', to visit the cousins. "Let's get up early and drive for awhile, then we'll stop for breakfast.' That's what we did. I watched the mountains and hills and lakes flying by, and counted white horses. Then we stopped at 'The Grub' for breakfast. Well, just like The Grub. And the three of us would talk, and laugh, and tell silly stories to the waitresses, which were somewhat less than true. My papa would say things like, "Now take my daughter here, the eskimo blood in our family really shows up in her." And I would bight my tongue so I didn't laugh and eat my crack bacon. In earlier versions of 'The Grub'. xoDonna ps: Also love what you do with your computer.

I never came across that place when I lived out there, but I love the look of it, and the food looks YUMMY! love little places like that! glad you had a nice cloudy February tuna melt kinda day, xo

the continental divide crosses New Mexico ya know...lots to draw down here!

Love all the doodle bugged photos. I don't know what it is about drawing simple, lazy, wiggly white lines over photos that makes them pop and give them so much more character. I LOVE them, there I said it...LOVE LOVE L O V E 'em so much. I'm bursting with it. I love using the 'L' word especially in February. ;) And then can I just say that I can smell that 'crack bacon' all the way to MN. I can almost taste it too. I L O V E; there's that 'L' word again, super, crispy bacon. It's my down fall, the crack in my armor, my Achilles heel.... bacon...I'm so there. Bacon is great cold with chocolate drizzled over it. OH YES. I've put chocolate covered bacon bits on vanilla ice cream. I'm a bacon aficionado. I'm also quite fond of gray and cloudy days. They make me feel like it's ok to move through the day slowly and nothing to get too excited about except maybe 'crack' bacon. :)

If used to take my parents there for breakfast when they were alive. So charming and the food is fantastic. If you haven't tried their breakfast menu, I highly recommend it.

I love how you doctor up your photos. I wish I could figure out how to do some of this stuff with my computer and my iPad, but right now I'm way too busy playing with crayons. Sennelier oil crayons, but crayons all the same. I'm in way-too-arty-to-do-techie-mode right now. I truly admire how you can go between technical proficiency with your electronic "tools" and really-o, truly-o creative with art supplies. MAM---a woman of many skills.

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