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Thursday, January 03, 2013


This was the BEST trip ever! Thank you for taking me along. I'll he heading to Oahu in March with the kids for Spring Break. Yes, it will be crowded but I will be taking pics and writing in my journal. I have learned so much from this trip and I hope to put all of that learning to good use. Thank you!

I loved it so much that I have spent the entire morning looking at the rest of your trips/journals and contemplating taking another class. Love it, keep going, Mary Ann. I have been to Paris and might consider taking that class too.

it was a lovely adventure. thanks for inviting us along. im hunting and gathering bits and treasures for my hawaii journal. september in hawaii with my best girlfriends. yes....we need to journal that!

Grand! It was grand and wonderful and amazing and so much fun. I'm busy making journals, 2 of em; covers ready for pages and binding; waiting for the stuff that will fill them and make them mine. To think it all began with visions of Venice, a romp with friends that will last for a very long time.

It was so much fun - I loved everything.
Your 'ticket to Venice' saved me through Christmas
I´m going to work on journals for my upcoming trips in 2013
and you´ll be with me in my thoughts on every trip from now on.
You´re just the best Mary Ann.

O yes, it was fun. I am still trying to get to grips with the fact that you are out of there now. I liked having you there so much... I might if that is OK with you even try some of those video diaries whilst in the States next week... Such a fun formula. You were there by yourself, but it really felt for me as you could come in any moment into my life with your "Honey I am HOOOME' video, jumping into my office via the computer. It was a totally fun class. I want another one... grin.

Yes, Mary Ann, this class was super fun....I loved traveling along with you and I still go back and read all about the lovely days we had, walking and snooping around Venice! And all that yummy food....those real life photos...It's all going into my Ticket to Venice book, my work in progress now. Reliving the trip and still enjoying the ride!!! Thank you so very much!

Thanks for taking us along on your wonderful journey to Venice. It was a treat to open your video each day and almost feel as if I was there walking along side of you.

YAY! You're back with another marvelous adventure to share. (I dreamed about it....see how inspiring you are?!)

So very glad that you ahve arrived home again, safe and sound and happy and inspired for your grand new adventrue!1 venice looks magical! Can't wait to see more!! Onward into your new adventure - so excited for you!! Loved seeing the Art Journaling Mag with the Feature story on YOU!!! Marvelous!!!! ( That was the reason I bought that issue- I usually don't as I would rather spenc=d all that $$ on art supplies or fabric!! A feature on you and your work made it way worth it!!! Happy 2013!!

For me, the best part is that (as you know due to Visitations, I have only seen just the first few morsel days of the class) I can 'slow travel' the class! Savoring the richness, like a lovely winter stew, it's just SO beautiful! MAM never disappoints :-) If any of blog readers who haven't taken the class yet are on the fence about whether to take it now you're back home, I recommend y'all sign up - really, you've not missed out at all!

Yes ma'am. It was so much fun. And just think, this time you can linger longer, no heading back to the whiteboards, staff meetings, piles o' papers....

You should head on over to Jill Berry's site. She has a henna map of Venice to show you.

And, artist of the month, congrats; nice write-up.

it was and still is great! Loved the format of this class and am having a blast thinking up my next travel journal. MERCI!!!

Thanks so much for this once in a lifetime (for me) adventure. I really enjoyed every single minute of it.

no maria not today, its the 8th of january
thank you ..

Yes, it was so fun, Mary Ann! Still buzzing.
By the way, is it your birthday today? If so, many happy returns of the day and many blessings!

Loved going along with you vicariously Mary Ann! So much fun! Grazie!!

I loved it to the moon and back!

It was THE BEST, you killed it, Mary Ann! There aren't enough superlatives to describe how great your class is/was!

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