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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It's all wonderful, but OMG--the tape! 3rd pic from the bottom, 4th item in from the left--big checks and big half circles....what is that tape? Where can I get lots of it??? pleeeze tell! I'd like the house too, but I'll settle for the tape...there are priorities, after all...

Beautiful, beautiful! It's so lovely to see such cute-as-hell folks being happy - we all need mucho mucho more of that in this world. Now to grab some grocery sacks...

delightful post! oh my, but i am so envious of such a fun weekend of crafty goodness. and that kraft paper...must. try. now. thanks for a boatload of inspiration!

Is it okay that I am a lovely shade of pea-green with art retreat in a citrous house envy? YOU are cute-as-hell!!!! I think that is the most fun I have ever seen anybody have at an art retreat....even without the bottle of wine....though it sounds like the humungous margarita was quite an experience!

I soooooo want to come over and play with you!!
best, Annie - the Netherlands

Did you say you left your art supplies at home??? How can that be? I'm glad you had such a delicious birthday celebration. It's good to have sweet friends and sisters.

Good gracias! You and your posse are adorable!

OK, so you are having waaaay to much fun ... doesn't get much better than this. Look South .... waaaaay South ... see the green glow on the horizon? That's me being green with envy. :o) xodonna

Fun. Lovely water. Congrats Ms. Art Journaling mag nAme on the cover even. Very hAppy for you.
Don't forget, PH tonight.

Yep, C.A.H.! And sometime you must try dyeing craft paper (crumpled up grocery sacks); my Art Journal group did that a while back and they looked great. It's a messy, outdoor project, but very fun.

...the hell with dinner tonight, i am off to cover my table with craft paper and pretty colors of paint and make some C.A.H. paper! but first i will make a C.A.H. cocktail!

oh yeah almost forgot those C.A.H. books are the BOMB. Pam is her own kind of paper and paint genius. Good, good company and you and carol are 'cute as button's cute, cute cute........

Life is good, oh indeed life is good, you took the words right out of my mouth just now, I was thinking some of these same thoughts last night as I was bumpin around in my art room well into the wee hours, just that nice, full feeling that creativity does to one's heart. It is the best stuff on the planet. If I could figure out a way to bottle it I would and I wouldn't sell it...oh no...I'd give it to everyone I meet, everywhere, grocery stores, Target, on street corners, at gas stations cuz I truly believe if we all took a little bit of creative time all on our 'owney' would make the world a better, richer place and then no one would ever want to pick up a gun or hurt another person with their words and actions...oh yes indeed life is good when one has paints, paper and glue out in front of them; ahem a pool, a tall frosty drink and good friends are the best kind of fringe benefits though. xxoooxxx

Oh my gosh, I am insanely jealous!!! Lucky, lucky girls! Who are cute as hell.

The making is all good, but if it happens to turn out C.A.H., it's just icing on the cake. (and it is C.A.H.)

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