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Saturday, December 29, 2012


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Up working in my book too. I got a digital picture frame for Christmas and I am displaying my photos as I work, sort of like traveling as I work. So much fun.

ooooOOOOooo - the sight of that incredible paper. pitty pat, pitty pat, pitty pat. I'll bet it feels incredible. drooling on her keyboard, xoDonna

Yup, I'm with Donna, the sight of that paper set my heart pounding as well!

Mary Ann - This will be a very special New Year for you what with the new "career" and all. What a cool way to make the transition. Being away has probably given you a lot of time for introspection. Your surprise Christmas gift is just the start. You've had what my girlfriends and I call a "plate of shrimp moment." Long story about how we came to call it that but it's something hugely coincidental and serendipitous, with a sort of collective consciousness about it all rolled up into one. My nun friend calls them "Godincidences" - stay open and you can't go wrong girl! We're all cheering for you.

Gorgeous papers and how you have settled in! You look so at home in that work space Mary Ann! You sure you aren't going to stay there forever?

Looks beautiful! I hope you're having a great time. Am enjoying all the pics!!!

Looks like you found some paper... Grin. Love your musings about present and future...

So beautiful- image and words!

Not. Enough. Postcards. ;(
Too curious in the Carolinas

Happy New Year!

Cheers to a wonderful new life!

That paper!! Oh, that paper!

I'm catching up on posts I missed. What delicious paper! I've seen a few of these prints before and I have some of the green, but taken all together they look infinitely more amazing! I'm going back to stare at this pic for awhile before I move on.

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