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Saturday, December 22, 2012


It's good to hear you don't need wading boots! I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Lucky you! Have a marvelous time in Venice and don't forget to drink some hot chocolate if its cold! (cioccolata caulda) Merry Christmas!

I am so happy. I have been stopping by for a peek to see if you might drop in for a moment! What a fabulous surprise photo! How wonderful to hear from you. And, yes, that photo looks just like a gorgeous postcard. I am glad you are not freezing your tushie off! Hope you are having loads and loads of fun. Can't wait to see the travel journal you have been working on.....and the shoes you ended up taking....we miss you around here! Merry Christmas, sweet girl!!!!

Beautiful photo! I hope you have a fantastic trip. Merry Christmas!!

Have a wonderful time! I'm looking forward to seeing your pix and hearing all the trip details.

Cant wait to see what you've journalled!!! Have a good Christmas!!

Oh what a gorgeous place. Have a great time. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday.

Have a wonderful Christmas abroad, M-est of A's! I'm flying to WA to see the mom. Love to you!

Thanks for the postcard, Mary Ann. Looks mysterious and foggy, but a lovely spot for exploring & journaling. Enjoy every minute of your adventure, you deserve it and then some. x o

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